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ASUS N56VM ML install help


i have the same laptop and bin battling with the install for the past 2 weeks

does look good so far.. i got ML installed using U{censored} method, also you have to replace the files in the installer needed

to install ML on to an MBR partition, found here: http://www.osx86.net/view/2902-os_x_...mbr_patch.html

boot from usb install without flags and install ML on an MBR partition but when install is done you boot from the installer

again then choose ML partition using the flags -x -v once booted turn off Bluetooth from settings then remove the 3 bluetooth

kext which cause boot issues. As for graphics you need to remove the NVidia kexts as they cause issues as well. thats as far as i got

so far, lots of trial and error with lots of methods and kexts. POST any progress you may make to help us all!

THE BIG ISSUE is that the Bios uses SMART boot that is one reason it needs to be put on an MBR partition as the SMART boot feature

only sees MBR partitions, even still after installing boot loader SMART boot doesnt see OS X partition :( one thing i've found out is

that if you can unlock the bios you can change this feature to boot OS X also for better compatiblity with OS X. this feature can NOT

be changed in the stock bios. Here is a forum thread on how to unlock the bios: http://www.insanely-mac.com/forum/in...owtopic=278208

i've tried this but i am unable to get it to work. not that the method doesnt work, i just cant do it haha

so if you are able to do it please post a link to your unlocked bios for ASUS N56VM so we can all enjoy with the method

you used to install it.

A proper DSDT would go along way also as there are not and kexts yet for wifi or sound, voodoo kexts i've tried have all caused panics

so if you know someone who will make one.. again post so we can all enjoy

We can HACK this laptop!

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Due to may Dell M1530, which the GPU has burned I was in search for an hackintosh replacement.

This Asus N56VM performs well also after some tweakes and searching the web. I found this website:



Which provide all the necessary information about running OSX 10.8.1 ;-) thanks to marklangovoi who did a lot of research!

My ASUS is running very well, 2hours on full battery!

IMPORTANT; use an MBR harddisk configuration instead of GPT! otherwise the HDD or SSD won't be recognized by the BIOS! use 2 partition by dual boot, first OSX, 2nd Windows 7.


- Intel HD 4000 Q/E full HD 1920 x 1080

- Wifi with changing the original to an AR9285 half sized card

- Bluetooth with Asus usb BT21 dongle (now also use of my Magic mouse) + Airdrop!

- Battery indicator works!

- Sound, speakers, mic, earphones!

- USB 2.0 (usb 3.0 didn't used so far?)

- Function keys (only sound keys; FN + F10,11,12)

- Trackpad (only cursor, not scrolling with two fingers)

- restart, shutdown

- DVD burner

Not (yet) working:

- Sleep

- Full Nvidia GT630m

- SD card reader

- Webcam, only light flashes but doesn't turn on by photo booth

Files: http://www.osx86.net/downloads.php?do=file&id=3212

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