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Mountain Lion 10.8 + Virtualbox + Ivy Bridge help!

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Hey all,

I have an HP m6-1045dx with an Ivy Bridge i5 processor and HD4000 graphics. I'm following the guide here to make a virtual machine for OSX Mountain Lion so that I can make a U{censored} flash drive for the actual laptop.

As per the guide, I downloaded a certain DVD iso of Mountain Lion 10.8 which comes preloaded with the essentials such as fakeSMC.kext.

I get to the install part, but then the screen just goes to white background and random grey rectangular shapes that vary with each installation attempt. I figured maybe this was the "install is done" indicator, contrary to the guide, but upon using Hackboot 2, I learned that it really didn't install properly- the OSX install does not show up in the Hackboot menu.

I'm running this in Windows 8 RTM x64 and followed the guide to a tee/t.

I specifically waited to do this until OSX had native Ivy Bridge support, and now it does with Mountain Lion, of course I still have problems. Hah.

Any ideas, folks? I look forward to adding the new m6-1045dx to the compatibility list!

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