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Please, help me with my installation with Intel proc and mb.



First of all, thank you for spending your time reading this.

I have installed Snow Leopard 10.6 with an image called "osx86dvd" from Hazard

After numerous attempts, i've succeeded at booting it up, but got stucked at the apple logo loading screen. it keeps loading forever.

My computer:


Intel Topsfield DP43TF - AGTL+ 64 bits bus


Intel Core2Quad Q9550, 2833 MHZ, alias Yorkfield

with x86, x86-64, MMX, SSE, SSE2, SSE3, SSSE3 and SSE4.1


North Bridge: Intel Eaglelake P43

South Bridge: intel 82801JBICH10


Radeon HD 5870


AMD high definition audio


Intel 82567V02 Gigabit Network Connection


I also have 8gb of ram, does mac have 32bit or 64bit ram limit like windows? i don't even know if i'm installing 64bit or 32bit mac.

from the OSX86 Hazard DVD:

First i've chosen an 1TB usb external HD from Seagate and formated it in 2 partitions, one with 9gb extended mac type, the rest with the normal fat32 type, then I've chosen the 9gb partition at the installation and customized the installation as it follow:

Installation Properties:

Two Snow Leopard Updates

10.6.1 and 10.6.2


NONE (already tried "Legacy Kernel 10.2.0 Intel AMD" with no success)


Chameleon RC3 PCEFI 10.5





CMOS_Reset_Fix - ElliotForceLegacyRTC

Additional Fonts



In the end, i boot from my external HD, it loads ok and then i choose my mac partition, but it stays on the grey loading screen with the apple logo.

I'm sorry for my bad english writing, it's not my native language.


Tryied again with "arch=86_64 -x -v" and took a photo from the log:

Picture 4

It seems like this Intel82566MM stuff is having a hard time.

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New Installation, same error

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