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Powermac G5 Project - A new take on a classic

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So I have done alot of work on this thing, snapped alot of pictures so it's time for an update.

Pump mount - Silicone curing - Booring took ages to cure (1.5mm a day)


Powersocket epoxied in


Powersocket from the outside


PSU wired up


PSU wired up 2


Upper case assembly mounted


Love those HDD Brackets


Pump base done and mounted with rivets to the bottom of the case


RAD Mounted


PSU hole - Now filled




i7-3770K in the socket ready for TIM


Fast forward.... GFX mounted - loop building in progress


Loop building


loop building and vent cover mounted


Rear complete !


That's it for now, waiting for a few bits and bobs before I can get the rest done.


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Reminds me of the first mod I did using x86 tower server case to hold a bulky Amiga 2000 mb. One more comment, with water cooling, it's a shame typical PC/ATX cases are over-the-top $'s or too small within budget range to hold all the hardware required to support liquid cooling.

Going for a simpler hack-job this winter---finding the right voltage match to bring lower-end x86_64 Mac up to 8 cores.

And, software hacking--forcing Mac OS X under Hyper VM (a hint of inspiration based on Mod CD).

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I swear I remember seeing that exact same case with the ding in the upper support somewhere else. Nice work on your mod - its always nice to see somebody putting the time into modding a G5 or Mac Pro case with modern/better guts. I have a G5 rig with the i5-3570k in it but definitely wanted the 3770 - just couldn't justify the extra $100 for hyper-threading and an additional 2mb of L3 cache.

Which OS(s) will you be running? I love ASUS boards personally even if they aren't as hackintosh friendly as the Gigabyte boards.

Keep up the great work - nice detail in the pictures as well!

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