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Powermac G5 Project - A new take on a classic

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Reminds me of the first mod I did using x86 tower server case to hold a bulky Amiga 2000 mb. One more comment, with water cooling, it's a shame typical PC/ATX cases are over-the-top $'s or too small within budget range to hold all the hardware required to support liquid cooling.

Going for a simpler hack-job this winter---finding the right voltage match to bring lower-end x86_64 Mac up to 8 cores.

And, software hacking--forcing Mac OS X under Hyper VM (a hint of inspiration based on Mod CD).

Ahh the old Amiga 2000 I was drooling when that machine emerged from Commodore.

I've owned an A500+ and an A1200 with a 1220 accelerator board and internal HDD, ahh those where the days :listening_headphone

I swear I remember seeing that exact same case with the ding in the upper support somewhere else. Nice work on your mod - its always nice to see somebody putting the time into modding a G5 or Mac Pro case with modern/better guts. I have a G5 rig with the i5-3570k in it but definitely wanted the 3770 - just couldn't justify the extra $100 for hyper-threading and an additional 2mb of L3 cache.

Which OS(s) will you be running? I love ASUS boards personally even if they aren't as hackintosh friendly as the Gigabyte boards.

Keep up the great work - nice detail in the pictures as well!

Nope I garuntee that it ain't the same case, this was bought in Denmark at a local Mac support that I know.

I wen't for the 3770k cause this was a new machine that should last me at least a few years + OC'ing the crap out of it!!! so better to cash out I think.

I'll be running Win7 Pro 64 bit on the SSD and OSX Lion on a 250GB HDD

Im not really a MAC man, I just loved this case so much that I had to mod it to fit my needs. (apple logo will disappear)

I honestly would find it very ironic if he ran Windows on it.

I don't know why.

Maybe it's just me.

Irony served :eagerness: chilled with H20 goodnes

Well done MrAhlefeld!

The last time I saw a very detailed mod was at aquamac Forums and a Mod made by aquamac itself > aquamac forums - More Hackintosh Mods


Thanks for the kind words !

The mod is 99% complete now and the beast is up and running (Win7 as the first OS)

Just need to create a support for the RES and take final pictures :encouragement:

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So this rig has been up and running for a week now. I guess it was about time i posted an update on the whole thing.

Remember I said (up and running) so it's complete but not quite done yet, there are a few details that need to be sorted.

So without further ado.

Filling the loop


Random shot


Random shot


Enter H2O and Ethylene Glycol


Enter H2O and Ethylene Glycol


After one week of running

Damn autofocus !


The whole system in it's glory


Bottom's up!


Showing off the rear


Pic of pump assembly - Silicone anti vibration thingy I made - Pump Alu bracket


Closeup of Pump - Res


Closeup of CPU - VRM


Closeup of RAD


Can you spot the mains power cable ????


Random shot


Showing off Rad clearance


Showing off RAM clearance


Well I guess that's allmost it for this project, it's been fun and tiresome.

But... Well worth the time spent!


PS. Currently hitting OSX Mountain Lion on a 250GB SATA disk :eagerness:

Edited by MrAhlefeld

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I hope you mean SSD disk?

Hi John

Nope it's a 7200RPM SATA-III 250GB

The SSD is reserved for my primary OS - Windows7 64Bit

Yes windows I know, but im a gamer and then there is no choice :P

But should someone send an extra SSD my way, id' gladly exchange it :encouragement:

Anyways, hope you enjoyed the ride. The build will be finalized with details in the following months.¨

One thing that needs to be re-done is the RES holder support (thing looks shite)


Edited by MrAhlefeld

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very very nice build! I woulda considered it near to sacrilegious cutting the case like that but you did it in a way that looks quite professional and is well out of sight to the casual observer.

Since you built this extreme rig I am curious about your benchmarks (random numbers I know but still bigger random numbers mean more gooder) and your thermals at idle and 100%.

Are you just using that beast for gaming or are you using it for work of some kind?

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