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Powermac G5 Project - A new take on a classic

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very very nice build! I woulda considered it near to sacrilegious cutting the case like that but you did it in a way that looks quite professional and is well out of sight to the casual observer.

Since you built this extreme rig I am curious about your benchmarks (random numbers I know but still bigger random numbers mean more gooder) and your thermals at idle and 100%.

Are you just using that beast for gaming or are you using it for work of some kind?

Hi Mr.D

Thanks for the very kind words on my build :eagerness:

But calling it sacrilegious would mean that you pray to the church of Apple :P;)

I will gladly run any benches on this rig once I get Mountain Lion running on it.

Just post which ones you'd like and where I can download them for free.

I will mainly be using it for Gaming + image editing + a little video editing when needed.

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Geekbench would be good place to start. I believe that its free but its limited and annoys you about how you're only trying it, not 'using' it. All benchmarks are just random numbers that are assigned and in theory, the bigger the better. Cinebench appears to be free as well - never ran it so I don't know if its limit- or nag-ware. looking at the benchmark thread at insanelymac these two seem to be the most popular for overall system performance.

Oh, and I don't pray to Apple - that would go against the omnipotent Google and I don't want to piss him off!

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Very nice, did myself a G5 project too. But whats the point of watercooling when still using fan's?? I really like it super sillent and with fans it just isn't. Whitout watercooling it still keeps it at 29 C. In my next G5 project (this year YEAH) I will also add watercooling but put the radiator in a special sink in the case with special fluid that keeps it 5 C all the time. So I won't here my new PC at all

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