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SpeedStep and Turbo Boost as The Turn-On of Hackintosh Mountain Lion


I wish I could figure out how to implement these two functions on my Hakintosh ( Samsung Rc 530 S06 Core I 5 2450 )

I tried to read the FAQ but honestly I knew very little about how exactly to do.

I Give A Hand?

I wish to figure out how to implement these two functions

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Sorry, I'm clueless with VoodooMonitor. Are the info keep changing in realtime?

Anyway, I'm using MSRDumper and HWMonitor to check/monitor my P-States. Do you use custom SSDT or just let Chameleon generates the P-States?

First, you can check the P-States data (based on PSS in your custom SSDT or stock ACPI tables) through ioreg (AppleACPIPlatformExpert/CPU0@0/AppleACPICPU/ACPI_SMC_PlatformPlugin > PerformanceStateArray). Yet it doesn't mean your speedstepper is working. It only shows available states do you have. You can use Terminal also;

ioreg -lw0 | grep PerformanceStateArray

Then load MSRDumper.kext through Terminal and open Console to see your P-States. Stress your CPU for few minutes. It works when you can see more than 2 multipliers/states in Console.


Here is how to read the data in PerfomanceStateArray. The first entry should be your highest state (max frequency in Mhz). For i5-2450m (obviously like mine), it's up to 3100Mhz (Turbo). Don't bother to that long number. Just look at the first 4, e.g;


1c0c => Read red first then blue. Use calculator app to convert hex to decimal.

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