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Loading Mac OS using Windows bootloader

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Assume you have Windows Vista or newer as the main operation system and you want to be able to start Mac OS X.

To make this GUIDE easier I assume you have Windows and Mac OS X installed on the same HDD which has MBR partition table.


1. PC with BIOS.

2. HDD with MBR partition table.

3. Windows Vista/7/8/2008.

4. Mac OS X

Tools that are needed:

1. BCD Edit


4. Chameleon

5. Clover EFI

Let's go:

1. Start Windows

2. Log in into system

3. Download the latest GRUB4DOS

4. You need to extract grldr.mbr and grldr files into the root directory on your boot partition.

5. Download the latest Chameleon

6. Extract boot file as boot.cham to the root folder of your system drive.

7. Download the latest Clover Bootable ISO

8. Extract 64 or 32 bit .iso file as clover.iso to the root folder of your system drive.

9. Run cmd.exe as an Administrator

10. Execute

bcdedit /create /application bootsector

Running this command will return a Globally Unique IDentifier (GUID) value - e.g. {e05b4c23-618a-11df-89c6-001d925a73cf}. In the subsequent bcdedit commands replace {guid} with the returned value.

11. Run

bcdedit /set {guid} device boot

bcdedit /set {guid} path \grldr.mbr

bcdedit /set {guid} description "Mac OS X"

bcdedit /displayorder {guid} /addlast

12. Create menu.lst in the same directory where you've extracted grldr

timeout 10

default 0

title Chameleon

kernel /boot.cham

title Clover

map /clover.iso (hd32)

map --hook

chainloader (hd32)

13. reboot your computer.

14. While booting select Mac OS X in the windows boot menu.

15. Select Chameleon in the grub boot menu

16. Select your Mac OS partition in Chameleon boot menu.

17. Optionally add -v -f npci=0x2000 or other as boot params.

16. Wait for Mac OS to load

17. Find and mount clover.iso from NTFS partition

18. Run in terminal

sudo cp -R /Volumes/clover.iso/EFI /

19. Profit. Now you can start Windows or Mac OS using Clover or Chameleon bootloaders.

Pages used:

1. Create entry for Grub4dos

2. Grub4dos Guide - Configuration File Entries

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