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Need help with G74Sx ML Hackintosh


Hi everybody, hope y'all good! Today I installed Mountain Lion using a kit made for my laptop. Before I installed ML, i had Lion perfectly running, wifi, bluetooth, sleep, ethernet, graphics, usb, hdmi etc... everything was working. But now, I get some issues with the Bluetooth, the Sleep, and a bit with WiFi.

For the bluetooth, I tried a kext called IOBluetoothFamily, a version supposed to support Mountain Lion, it worked one time.

The Sleep, i tried a 10.8 compatible version of SleepEnabler, but even with or not, the system falls in sleep, but at wake I got artefacts and nothing work except mouse.

Here are the Kext I installed :

















They were all in a kit I downloaded

I checked for NullCPUPM because I heard that he prevented system from sleep

For the wifi it's simple it found my network but I connect he give a random adress that doesn't match my dhcp, in ethernet it's ok

If anyone of you had similar issues or hint it will be helpful, here's my configuration

Asus G74Sx

750gb HDD

Intel i7 2630QM

8Gb Ram

nVidia GTX 560M

Thank you so much everybody!

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I have a similar Laptop., G74SX with 3D. I never installed Lion. But I installed 10.8 and then combo pack 10.8.2 . I installed Voodoo wizard for my sound , patched Atheros kext for wifi, and realtek RTL81XX-0_0_90 for my ethernet. Of couse Fake SMC and NullCPUPowermanagement kext. only sleep, backlight and bluetooth is not working. I have a strange problem. If I install chameleon or chimera bootloader to the hard disk it gives me Kernal panic. But if I boot from OS x install USB (which has chameleon boot loader) it boot without problem.

I am booting with win7, win8 ,ml and ubuntu. (ReHabmans guide). I have i7 2670 QM 16 GB ram 256GB SSD Geforce GTX 560M.

Can you share your Kexts kit what you downloaded? And can anybody help me with this problem.

I patched my DSDT with and without sleep is the problem. With DSDT it gives Kernal Panic with the Darvin ISO.

Thank you.

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