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Sound issues


Hi, my name is Gabriel, I just installed OSX ML on my pc, is not my fist time doing this, I have just one problem: my sound. First of all i have an sound blaster that is not supported, that I now don't use it anymore, I now use my onboard sound and it have one problem, I can't use volume control, I mean, I can use it but is not working it's very annoying because I always have to set up it from PCM in voodoo HDA. I have to mention that in Snow Leopard and Lion, I had the same problem, please tell me that is an solution, because I love making beats in reason and I need that volume control to work.

Have a nice day!

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Did you already check devices with System Info? System Info - Downloads - OSx86.net

If you know the exact type of your soundchip, google for device and vendor IDs. In case there is nothing usable, I would go for a Class Compliant Device, a cheap one will do.

NW Blue External USB 2 0 to 3D Virtual Audio Sound Card Adapter Converter 7 1 CH | eBay

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Or you can try this:

olarila.com ? View topic - VoodooHDA - common problems

Problem: volume control (slider) doesn't work.

Solution: enable VoodooHDAEnableVolumeChangeFix in Info.plist


Find VoodooHDA.kext

It's in /Extra/Extension


in /System/Library/Extensions

Copy it to your Desktop

Right click on it > Show Package Contents

Open with Text Edit > Info.plist

Find the key:


> change <false/> to <true/>

Install again with Kext Utility and restart.

If you can't find the key then update VoodooHDA.

And remember VoodooHDA+AppleHDA = kernel panic.

So always remove AppleHDA before installing VoodooHDA. Or use a disabler for AppleHDA.

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