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sono riuscito a installare 10.6.3

ma ogni volta che devo spegnere e riaccendere devo mettere il disco iB{censored} e digitare sul Snow Leopard (prima di selezionarlo) PCIRootUID=1. senza il hackintosh non parte da solo.

appena partito ho forse qualche problema di video e di audio.

mi potete dare una mano a capire come funziona per installare i driver ?

la mainboard è una p8h61 R2 e la scheda video è una gtx650 1gb ddr5 asus.

grazie in anticipo.

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Salute simplu, good you made it into 10.6.3!

Whats your CPU and HDD?

Note that i5/i7 are not well supported in Snow Leopard and you may need a legacy_kernel with 10.6.3 or higher.

Best upgrade to 10.6.8 to purchase ML from the iTunes store and create a boot stick with myHack.

Arguments for booting can be added to the Boot.plist in Extra, if you don´t want to type them at each boot.

For AF HDDs a workaround is needed to make them bootable.

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i have some news.

i have cpu i3-2320

mb p8h61 r2.0

i have installed again 10.6.3 with nawcom , i dont need anymore to write but everytime i restart and shuttdown pc , when is back i need to boot with nawcom.

i have problem with audio and network and with the graphic card gtx650.

in some minutes i will try new driver for gtx650.

ps: i do upgrade at 10.6.8 and he give me an error something about cpu...

is normal ?

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What kind of HDD do you use for OSX, did you partition with OSX Disk Utility?

For you system freeze maybe this can help?

  • Symptom: The system fails to boot but I don’t know why
  • Resolution: Boot with -v and watch carefully to determine at which point the system is failing
  • Note: When trying any of the suggestions below it is best to add the -v flag each time until the system is booting correctly, this is the most used of all boot flags.
  • Symptom: The display goes blank or system reboots instantly after booting OS X or Installer
  • Resolution 1: Boot with PciRoot=1
  • Resolution 2: Boot with GraphicsEnabler=No (Only use if resolution 1 fails, will not work on ML unless you have one of the graphics devices which will provide hardware acceleration without GraphicsEnabler, or you have removed system extensions in order to force VESA mode).
  • Note: ML will not boot without graphics support as there is no longer VESA support. You will have to either replace your graphics card or find a method to get it working if it is not supported by GraphicsEnabler
  • Symptom: System hangs at “PCI configuration (begin/changed/end)??
  • Resolution: Boot with npci=0×2000 or npci=0×3000
  • Note: If neither of the above boot flags help you with this problem you will need to install a patched IOPCIFamily.kext, simply place in /Extra/Extensions/ and run myFix. You can obtain the latest patched IOPCIFamily.kext from netkas. (Or use this: Hackintosh AppleACPIPlatform.kext and IOPCIFamily.kext 10.6.7 - Downloads - OSx86.net)
  • Symptom: System fails to boot or runs extremely slowly with mouse jumping around
  • Resolution: Boot with cpus=1
  • Symptom: Booting from USB drive the boot process stops at ??EHCI unable to take control from BIOS??, “Still waiting for root device??, or anything else EHCI/UHCI related
  • Resolution: Boot with USBBusFix=Yes

(From Conti´s guide, myHack)

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