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[Guide] HD5450 1GB (0x68f9 and 0x68e5) in 10.8.3

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Follow this Guide, its is for 10.8.2 but you can do it for 10.8.3 also I think.

Hackintosh ATI Radeon HD5450 with Full QE/CI Support - Downloads - OSx86.net

I already followed this guide.. But I stopped a little on the editing of the DSDT file.. I don't know where to put that string they give you... I'm just scared of making a bigger mess with my configurations file...

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Is your HDMI video working, if not you can try other frame buffers. But mine is working with Eulemur in 10.8.2.

Didn't test it on 10.8.3 but if you want I can try it if that will help you?

You can make a backup of your DSDT.aml

Rename it as DSDT2.aml

Put it in your /Extra folder

If you want to try DSDT2 boot with:

DSDT=DSDT2.aml -v

Compare your DSDT with his and do the same.

Look for GFX0 HDAU and PEGP those are the changes.

ALC889A, Gigabyte (Intel): now having a working front mic - Page 38 - Sound - InsanelyMac Forum

I don't have HDMI audio so was never able to test it :(

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the problem is a little bit more complicated, my computer is a Mac Pro 3,1 and I got two GPUs in it, one 5770 and a 5450.

If I connect more than two display to my 5770, one of the three stops to work, so I cannot setup a triple display config..

To solve this, I added my old 5450 with which I take an HDMI out for my TV. I'd like to remove the last one and use just my 5770, in case it is possible.. If not, at least I desire to give audio to the HDMI of 5450 so I can use the TV's loudspeakers.

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You are making it rather difficult. 2 not the same ATI cards in one system can only work well via DSDT. You must define them as GPU0 and GPU1 under PEG0 and PEG1 respectively. You can not use GraphicsEnabler. The cards has different Framebuffers.

Maybe it is better to look for a solution for the tripple monitors on the HD5770. In Snow Leopard it seems to work.

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Yes, I was guessing this :(

I'm getting crazy about this triple setup in 10.8.2 (now 10.8.3).. It seems like there's no one with the same problem of mine that posted a guide on their experience..

We will see if something will happens, even if I like this double GPUs setup, for now it satisfy my needs..

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