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Little question about PCMCIA & EXPRESSCARD


Hi guys , my first post , I'm running iATKOS v7 on a HP Compaq 6720s laptop since near 2 years ago , all well and very happy , I'm thinking in replace battery and maybe get a ExpressCard54/Firewire update.

The obvious questions

Work o no Work

- Is a thing related with the motherboard itself ? (must understand if entire chipset are well recognized no reason to no work ?)

- Or is a thing more related with the manufacturer of the chip in the plugged card ?

- or both ¿?

- I dont have the card actually , exist some way to verify if the system recognize the expresscard port ?

- Some conrete chip especially recommended ?

I use 98% for audio works and with new battery and firewire I would be a happy man.

Best Regards

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Hola maniman, welcome to the forum.

I think both is correct.

Basically you will need a kext for the PCI to ExpressCard bridge chip as well as a kext for your FW plugin.

Of course OSX will support FW cards naively, if you pick the right one.

Something like this might work, Gembird Europe B.V. - but its only FW400.

This one may be worth a shot, as the TI chipset is supported natively in OSX: DeLock-61538 Cardbus-FireWire

(I never had issues returning stuff to Amazon)

Try system_info to find out the nature of you bridge chip and whether a kext is already loaded.

I had a Intel bridge which was running and a Ricoh bridge which was not working, so it was hit and miss for me. :(

Best wishes!

PS: You may read here for the experiences of a German user with the card from Amazon: Firewire 800 an PCMCIA (German)

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