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iAtkos ML2 External HDD


Hello osx86-Community,

i'd successfully installed iAtkos ML2 on my external HDD.

I tried to install Hackintosh a few times but never successful..

Now it was :-)

All is running fine.

Now i wanted to put in the external hdd into my computer as second SATA HDD (first one is windows 8).

If i do so, my hackintosh do not boot up... it hangs while booting and shows something like this:

dict ID="0"><key>IOProviderClass</key><string ID"1">IOResources</string><key>IOResourceMatch</key>

after it, it will repeat "Still waiting for root device".

Whats going wrong? If i put the HDD back into the external case and plug it into usb it works fine :o

Im happy that it works, but it would be fine when i were able to use it interal..

Hope you can help me..

Thanks a lot.

System Information:

CPU: i5 2500k

Motherboard: ASRock H61icafe

(board see H61 Motherboard Series Manufacturing - ASRock Inc. )


Geforce GTX 560

OSX: iAtkos ML2

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I think, that it's because of the launcher of OS X, so it overwrites the original windows boot loader. For example after I installed iAtkos ML2, I was unable to boot my windows, because it wrote, that the bootmgr is missing. So I think, that this should be a problem, and you have to use your default windows launcher. Which launcher starts if your external is plugged in?

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Good to hear you finally had success, ke134!

Are you using a sATA to USB adapter encasement?

Some adapters perform block size transformations and other crap to keep big external HDDs compatible with WIN XP.

In such case, the content of your external drive will be useless on a internal sATA port.

You might still try to insert the drive´s UUID in your Boot.plist like in this example:

<key>Default Partition</key>


You can find out the HDD´s UUID with DiskUtility by means of the Info button.

If that also fails, I would clone the external HDD to one of your internals with Carbon Copy Cloner.

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Hello, thanks for your answer.

I solve the problem myself.

For Mac OS X, the SATA Mode needs to set to "AHCI". I think this option is not required with an external HDD case.

At first try, Mac OS X boots without problems, but Windows didnt. Then I try to set SATA 2 to IDE ( for Windows ) and SATA 3 to AHCI (Mac OS X) and it works fine :)

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