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Can't install HD4000 Graphic kext


First of all, hello guys and thanks in advance for your support.

I desperately need your help.


I have a laptop, Acer E1-570 where I successfully managed to install N{censored} Mavericks 10.9


I have Chameleon bootloader and at first the system didn't want to boot.

It only booted with -x boot flag that's it safe mode.


After some advices around forums, I removed all the kexts files relating the graphics from /System/Extensions/Library and now it's booting fine without any boot flag but I have no internet and no graphic acceleration.


The graphic card is correctly identified but no kext are loaded.


As I said, I have the HD 4000 integrated graphic card and I don't know what to do to install the correct kext file. I tried everything but every time I install the AppleIntelFramebufferCapri.kext , Mavericks won't boot and I don't know what boot flag should I use but I tried almost anything.


Could you please, please, give a hand with this? sad.png


Thanks again guys

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ok ...... ecco cosa fare.....

1-scarica le ultime versioni di clover e clover configurator

2-metti una penna usb nel pc e formattala come vuoi

3- installa clover sulla penna senza modificare nulla

4-avvia clover configurator e monta la partizione EFI (ti chiederà la password)

5-sulla penna USB trovi varie cartelle selezionale tutte e cliccando il tasto destro fai copia (vedi foto)

6-nel finder tra i dischi avrai la partizione efi , selezionala e copiaci i file che hai preso dalla penna usb (nella partizione forse troverai una cartella efi se te lo chiede sovrascrivila con la nuova che hai copiato insieme alle altre cartelle sulla penna usb)

7-riavvia ed entra nel bios,abilita il boot uefi e disabilita legacy

8-salva e riavvia............

9-avrai il controllo luminosità ( vedi foto)



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