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GAH61M-DS2 - Realtek ALC887 Codec Issues? HELP*



GAH61M-DS2 (REV 2.2)

CORE I5 2500K

GTX 650 1024MB



asus N13 USB Wifi dongle


Other specs:

Realtek ALC887

Realtek R8111 Ethernet


YOSEMITE 10.10 via U{censored} and using MB{censored}





Guys, I have been having a horrible time with Yosemite which frankly, pisses me off because Mavericks was seamless with my build.

I have done nearly 30 installs of OS X 10.10 and only 1 was successful (my first install) then ran into issues later down the road.


I don't know where to begin. I am not sure if my problems are to blame my Audio chip or my boot loader. Here is my procedure:


Note: I CANNOT install my Audio driver first in MB{censored} because it will "undo" itself after i install other drivers.


1. Install my ASUS Wireless Utility for my dongle - Reboot

2. Install MB{censored} mavericks edition (6.0.1) - Realtek Lnx2Mac's RealtekRTL81xx v.90 kext - Reboot

3. Install MB{censored} mavericks edition - Fake SMC, NullCPUpower - Reboot

4.Install MB{censored} mavericks edition - Realtek>without DSDT> ALC887/888b Current V100302?

5.FINALLY, install MB{censored} yosemite edition - Chimera v4.0, basic boot options, mac pro 3,1 - Reboot


Now, you would think that after rebooting and coming to a desktop with full audio, ethernet, working boot loader and wifi would be ?a success right? Yeah ?i thought that shit too. So I start installing my apps and all my work, etc only to find that when i reboot after installing an application, my audio driver no longer works. The application you ask? Adobe Autocad. And NO it is not the application. This is just my luck of the draw. Something is fishy with this audio driver.


But wait theres more, something is also messed up with this damn boot loader or something. I do not like chimera personally. When i've been booting, it takes me right to the log in screen and then FREEZES on a black screen right before reaching the password prompt. I reboot, does it again, Keep rebooting until i finally can log in. I think this is issues with the boot loader or audio driver because it does not happen with USB U{censored} boot loader. ALSO, it is NOT graphics because ic an see the little loading bar in the bottom left corner right before password prompt.


Now wtf. I am furious, as I said Ive done literally 30 installs of OS X 10.10, pissing with every version of MB{censored} and every driver in it to get my build stable.


Questions for you intelligent geniuses:


1. Can i try a different boot loader and which would it be? Do other boot loaders work for yosemite?

2. Is it my audio driver?

3. Why am i getting the black screen?

4. What is the issue?


FAQ: Why am i not using multicast yosemite? Because {censored} decided to upgrade all their drivers and they are NOT the same as what worked in mavericks and many of them do not work with my build anymore even though they are titled the same.



Guys, I really hope you can guide me to some knowledge or help me. Im going back to mavericks by sunday if I cannot resolve these issues. PLEASE HELP. THANK YOU!!

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