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Lenovo Edge E420 - Display / Graphics problem Intel HD 3000


Hello everyone,


This is my very first post. I have problems with Post installation, a Graphics issues but before that I would like to give more information about what I did first. Hopefully if this issues solved, my post can serve as a starting-points for others with the same machines. I will change the subject tagline according to the current issue I'm pursuing / trying to fix.



I. My Build


Laptop : Lenovo Thinkpad Edge E420, Intel ?i5-2430M CPU @ 2.40GHz. mSSD KINGSTON SMS200S3120G 120GB. GUID partition. 8GB RAM.?

Installer : N{censored} Mavericks 10.9, via USB boot installation

Bootloader : Clover EFI, installed using Vietnam tools?

Clover tweaked using latest clover configurator


II. Working (using additional fix and kext from the installation) :?

  1. Keyboard : Standard international (fn not worked atm)
  2. Video : Using only AppleIntelFramebufferCapri.kext, buggy
  3. Audio : Patched (fixed ?) out of the box during installation, I don't remember which kext does this
  4. Lan : Using RealtekRTL81xx.kext
  5. Touchpad :?Patched (fixed ?) out of the box during installation (basic mode)
  6. Battery management : seems to work fine for now, indicator is fine.
  7. Detected as : MacBook Pro 13 inch early 2011
  8. Bluetooth : haven't tried it, but its detected

III. Not Working / buggy :

  1. Keyboard : fn not working atm, but minor issues for now
  2. Wifi : Centrino Wireless-N 1000, using LAN only for now
  3. Trackpad pointer : the thinkpad legendary red pointing devices, using external usb mice and keyboard for now
  4. Display / Graphics Video : the current pressing issue for me, stuck with default 1024 x 768 resolution

IV. Files I attached within this post to help with investigation / troubleshooting :

  1. kexstat.txt - all loaded kexts per this post
  2. clover's config.plist from EFI partition
  3. ioregdump.txt - from "ioreg -l" command
  4. current patched DSDT.aml
  5. DarwinDumper generated files
  6. Display files (patched edid.bin and patched override files) I created in an attempt to override display problem using FixEDID program, this Guide, and this Guide


Current issue : Display Graphics

Right now I'm stuck with default 1024 x 768 resolution, I followed the guide I mentioned on point IV. 6. above, but still no avail, my Display Preferences only got that one resolution and no other resolution choices nor scaling available.


Before patching edid, my "ioreg -l | grep IODisplayEDID" is not showing anything but now it shows the value of my current patched EDID, so I think I'm on the right track on following the guide, just wonder where do I get it wrong.


As additional info, playing youtube and videos using Chrome browsers is fine (though glitchy, its playable, both sounds and video), but playing normal Video files is not working, I mean its played, the sounds come out just fine, the player can play the Video just fine but no video, its like the video is hidden /blank (tried both using VLC and MPlayerX).


If there are any more info needed, please tell me. Any little clue of information will be much appreciated.


Best regards,



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