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Os x 10.6.8 on Amd A6-3620 help


Hey people,?


First have to say i'm a hackintosh virgin. Now that's is said let me show you my hardware:


Its an Acer Aspire X3470 desktop pc:

  • Mobo: Aspire X3470 (info from CPU-Z)
  • Cpu: ? Amd A6-3620 2Ghz 2200 Mhz 64 bits
  • Ram: ?6 Gb Ddr3 1333Mhz
  • Vga: ? Beavercreek [Radeon HD 6530D]
  • Audi: ?Beavercreek HDMI audio [ Radeon HD 6500D] and FCH Azalia Controller [1022:780D]
  • HDD: ?1TB SATA Seagate
  • Wifi: ? ?Railink
  • Ethe: ? Realtek



Well after working with windows and linux , I wanted a new project so here i am trying to install os x 10.6.8 Snow leopard. Before i go to the problem let me tell what I did .


I downloaded Iatkos 3 version 2 and the Nawcom MODcd. next I checked my bios configuration, and when al seemed in order I started the install.


When the Modcd was booted I swapped the disc to the Iatkos and started the install with command busratio=22 this was nessacery.


Installed Os X with succes message (duration aprox 30 minutes)

Next was the reboot swapped for Modcd and the Only way to boot was Busratio=22


ANd then I was happy my hackintosh was coming to live, Next checkpoint let him boot on his own. Well I tried diffrent Bootloaders but no succes. ?After this I installed the pack for my realtek ethernet card and i had working internet next downloaded a combined update and the matching kernel next I ?updated my 10.6.3 to the 10.6.8 and also update the nawcom kernel.?


Well now you people now what i have done by now. Then now is the time for the problems:


  • Can't change resolution ( missing driver i supose)
  • Usb printer and external Hdd are not working ( not even a reaction when plugged in) strange is the fact that a usb stick or a Sd memory card will work.
  • can't boot on is own ( Boot disk error) Or ( ?No boot disk)
  • only bootable with modcd with command busratio=22
  • No Audio


So I really Hope some of you have an idea to fix this, I searched an searched the web for anwser but found any. Well found one first buy the right hardware? :P


But I am not be beating so easily I really want to succeed this project.


Hope you can understand my English cause I'm Dutch?


With kind regards,



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