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Forum Tour Guide

This is a basic tour guide and how to use our forum. This will give you all the details you need for help with.

  • How to post in right section.
  • Find guides.
  • Help topic

OSX86.net is our top forum.

1. Forum Rules

This contains our forum rules and how we act. Everything we try to do to maintain our forum according to our rules. So it is advised to read it, if you want help from our Moderators in the forums. You can be ban or unable to post if you don't follow our rules.

2. News and Announcements

This contains"important information and updates about our site or anything related to Macosx or other OS'. You can post any useful information/updates? related to Apple, windows, software, hardware etc and discussion about on that matter.?
Please do not ask for help here. We have 'Support Forums' for all the help you need.
3. Feedback
Feedback is feedback. This where we try to make our forum more likely you like to have it. Post your forum related issue/problems here. Like cant post topic, cant upload to download, cant change name or any other issues.
We are also open for any good Suggestion "How to make our forum better", so feel free to post your ideas.

Community showcase

1. Contest
This section is for polls and contest. Polls for anything related to new/modern technology to daily life matters. Anything you want all forum user to give their opinion. Like what HW is best for hackintosh, what Mobo/CPU/GPU is good, What is the best cheapest HW to run MacOSX etc. Contest mainly is? for 'How can I make the best guide or particular guide' or winning contest for prizes. Use your imagination here.
2. Dream Machine Project
Dream your future build or want to build next day. Post information about what hardware you want in that PC. So we can give our expert opinion on that subject. It could be anything retaliated to computer hardware.

  • Sub Marketplace

Its a computer hardware market 'where you can/could buy hardware, software from other users.?We do not take responsibility for any action there. You have to deal with the user/buyer/sale directly.
3. Show your desktop
Show your complete working hackintosh/Windows/Linux? setup including Hardware Information/Pictures/Wallpapers. Any information will be welcome here from any OS and hardware.

  • Sub Benchmarking

Benchmark has many purpose.You can check complete system stability or different part of it.Here we have testing? software for GPU,CPU,RAM ,OpenGL,OpenCL etc.Post your test results for compare purposes here.


This our forum Playground aka fun club :victorious: .You got bored from fixing hackintosh issue or any other things in life.This might be right place for you to have fun and share.



Archives has our forum older posts and fixes that you might need or useful to you.Most of the things here are almost obsolete and irrelevant? to osx anymore or to new user.But here you might find useful information.For this purpose we keep this section in our form but you can not make a new topic here.Use "support forum" to make one.

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