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(Real) 2008 Mac Pro 3,1 project becomes my main system

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My desktop Hackintosh, a GA-Z77-DS3H MB with an 2500K I5, was getting a little dated, so I was planing to upgrade to a newer MB and the latest I7 CPU.
I came across a super deal, a Real 2008 Mac Pro 3.1 Tower for $140.00 US:
Initial Specs:
- (2) 2.8 Xeon quad core CPU
- Mac Edition Nvidia 8800GT GPU
- 4 GB ECC Ram
- No Hard drive
I Upgraded it with the following:
- (3) 256 GbToshiba Q Series SSD in a Striped RAID configuration
- Added 16 GB ECC Ram for a total of 20 Gb
- Added (1) 4 TB Seagate HD for TimeMachine Backups
- Installed Yosemite 10.10.3 (Upgraded to 10.10.4 to use the trimforce command)

- Bootcamp Samsung 128 Gb SSD with Windows 10 preview
I initially used my GTX650 Graphics Card, but not having a boot screen, and wanting to use bootcamp I re-installed the Mac Nvidia 8800GT.
I don't see any difference in Graphics performance, so I will continue to use the 8800GT until I upgrade my monitor to 4k. ?As for System performance, it is on par with all the I7 families, except the top few. The onboard Sata is only Sata II, so I created a RAID 0 (Striped) Raid using ?(3) 256 Gb Toshiba SSDs. The R/W performance almost saturates the Sata Bus on the MB/Logic Board (750MB), Black Magic Speed test result are from 640 MB/s - 700 MB/s. ?It boots from power off to desktop in 18.3 seconds!!
Here is the About this Mac screen.
Future upgrades planned for this Mac Pro:
- 8 bay SSD Dock installed in the 5.25 in. optical Bay.
- 5 more Toshiba Q Series SSD (1) 256 GB (4) 512 GB,
-?8-Port PCI Express 2.0 Controller (2 GB/s read 1.6 GB/s write speeds)

- Flashed Mac compatible Graphics Card (To support 4k)

- 50 in. 4k Monitor/TV


This is by far the best and fastest computer I have owned, it is silent, fans never turn on, (I thought there was a hardware error, until I tested them). By using the SSDs, Mouse, Keyboard from my old Hackintosh, plus buying an additional SSD and (4) 2.5 in. adapters for the Hard Drive Sleds, (1) 4TB ?HD, the Total Cost for the Mac Pro and purchased upgrades is approx. $360.00 US.


Maybe I have drunk the Apple Kool-Aid, but I added a couple on shots of Vodka to ease the pain!? :very_drunk:


BTW the Local Dealer still has 15 Mac Pro's with the same specs, for around $200.00, although the shipping cost would be outrages! the tower weighs over 50 lbs. !


PM me for details, if anyone is interested....

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