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(Guide) El Capitan on Acer V3-571G (Success)

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Recently, I've managed to install El Capitan on My Acer V3-571G, Every thing working like charm!!


Use file below attached.

1- Use Clover for Boot (Config.plist attached) and DSDT.aml and ssdt.aml

2- For intel Hd4000 you must patch appleintelframebuffer.kext or use my Config.plist (if you want to have 2GB graphic use the attached appleintelframebufer.kext)

3- For Audio use files attached and enter your audio (ALC269) (mine 28) in clover configurator (Already did it)

4- For wireless I changed my card to BCM43228 it's natively supported by MAC

5- For trackpad use the attached file.

here is the full screen shot... Lovely Operation system, I love it :eagerness:? :eagerness:? :eagerness:? ;)


my Specs are :

Cpu 2.5 up 3.1 GH intel dual core

Intel Hd4000 and GT630M

Broadcom43228 wireless no bluetooth

Broadcom 5701 netlink

Audio Alc269

Acer V3-571G.zip


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Newly uploaded Zip file

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Hello Amir,


thank you for your detailed presentation. I've got the same laptop but running Mac Osx ML :D?. I've tried to create a clover Usb Key for legacy boot but I think that I've missed something because the key is booting but won't arrive on install Mac Os screen? :concern:.

In your memories, what moded insyde bios do you have on your laptop? Mine is with 1.17 and i know that there is a 2.21 new modded one...

All the files you provided will be helpfull? :eagerness:

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Hi Amir, thank you for your answer. I've tried lots of bootloaders (clover, clover efi, enoch...) but stil no success at that time even if I could see the Boot selection screen. The last one (enoch four el capitan) begins to boot but hangs on AppleUSBlegacyroot@ and still no install screen? :concern: I think that I'll stay with the 10.8.5 hack with is running perfectly but I'll google what you told me. Once again, thanks a lot. :encouragement:

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Hi Amir,


El capitan could be finally installed on my laptop. Googling what you told me, there were a very good and detailed guide made by the developer Rehabman for general laptop hacking. As you told the thing to do was to create a "separate" efi partition on the install usb key for laptop with legacy Bios :D?. Now I'm going to look for all kext needed... :encouragement:

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