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Niresh Yosemite weird glitch and post installation


Hi guys, hope somebody's gonna help me into this mess I'm going through... I'm Italian by the way, sorry for my english...

Here's the thing: I managed to Install N{censored} Yosemite 10.10.1 on my hp PC but I got few weird problems... My AMD processor (AthlonII x2 220) is recognized as an Intel (what???) and my graphic card (Nvidia Geforce G210 512mb) is recognized by the system (I got all effects and transparencies + full resolution) but the all thing has some graphic glitches in itunes and launchpad (see pics)...

Plus my lan interface (nforce by realtek I suppose) is not working at all, It works with nforcelan.kext but keeps loosing connection and Safari keeps reloading pages...

Here's my bootflags: npci=0x3000 GraphicsEnabler=Yes BuiltInEthernet=Yes USBLegacyOff=Yes

Any help would mean the world to me :)

Thank you






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On 27/01/2016 at 5:49 PM, Mario94M said:

Didn't think about frame buffer... Thanks man!

Any tips on how to do it?

Any help? :(

Install nvidia web driver



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13 minutes ago, Mario94M said:

Ok I installe nvidia web drivers and partially solved the problem... It now only happens few times, randomly... Thank you :)

This might be caused by kernel .. some other kernel might going to  fix ur issue.

But trying different kernel is bit tricky and sometimes it breaks installation,so back up current system then try .

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5 minutes ago, Mario94M said:

Ok... What if I update to 10.10.5 better or worse?

Aka going to be worse without proper setup.if you want to update then..

1.make 20 GB partition

2.use carbon copy cloner to copy current os to 20gb partition

3.update osx and change kernel (10.x.x version)

4.reboot and check.

5. if working then go for main partition.

6.if not then find some good kernel that will run 10.10.x

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