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I built a cylindrical case with high grade aluminium that accommodates standard mini-ITX parts. We factored in thermals, cable management, and small form factor design.


Please see my other forum on how I built it.








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You're the best Doug!  Glad you like the case; I think it's really cool.  Totally gets away from the square form factors that are just such an eyesore.  Everything today looks the same - and boring.  I think with the cylinder, you can really get away from shoving your PC equipment into the corner.  I also really like the cable management system and the door hinge.  Also the thermals are cool too!  So you don't need to sacrifice style or function anymore ;)

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question about noise: many people don't like placing the old square box under their desk because it sucks up carpet fluff and eventually clogs/overheats, so some (like me) have the tower on my desk. have you conducted any fan noise comparisons? Certainly the round case would be aesthetically pleasing on a desk. Possibly decorated with a choice of user selected artistic coverings (decal) as  an aftermarket choice; or even a company identification decal.


first time you acknowledged I am the best, I promise not to look down on you too often.


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