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HackBoot 7 BIOS Disk read error

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I download the latest version of HackBoot. I burned it to a disk.

I used Virtual Box to test. Ihen I start my vm I get the following: 

cdboot: init

cdboot: file size: 0003A200

cdboot: reading sectors: 00000075

cdboot: loading...........................

cdboot: done

cdboot: init

cdboot: BIOS disk read error at sector: 00000011

At this point I thought it is because a fault disk.

I burned again with a different machine, but I got the same after.

Anyone have an idea what's wrong?


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We can't support VM versions because they tend to be downloaded from torrents and have non legitimate OS X versions, they also tend to be modified to work as VM Images, and then you also have to take into account your computer specs and hardware etc. All in all just way too many variables involved to be able to offer any help other than to say do it the proper way.




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