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:angel::victorious:[GUIDE] GA-Z97-D3H - GTX650 - MacOS Sierra 10.12:victorious::angel:





This is a guide written specifically for the GAZ97D3H on OSX Sierra. It should be noted that this guide will also work for El Cap. This board and build is flawless thanks to the hard work of myself and many forum members on OSX86.net. Thank you. :eagerness:



  • GA-Z97-D3H (rev 1.1, latest BIOS)
  • Intel Core i7 4790k (O.C. to 4.6Ghz)
  • EVGA GTX650 1GB
  • 16GB HyperX 1833mhz
  • 120GB PNY Optima SSD
  • Corsair H110i GTX
  • 1TB WD HDD, 320GB HDD
  • MacOS Sierra 10.12


Additional Hardware:

This build does not use onboard audio. It also uses a USB wifi dongle. Enabling ALC1150 audio on this board is possible but i HIGHLY recommend just buying the USB audio dongle below. SO much easier.


  • Asus N13 USB Wifi Dongle (been using this since 10.6)
  • Syba Virtual 7 SD-CM-UAUD71 7.1 Audio USB dongle (i have had 3 of these and work OOB)




  • App Store
  • CPU Scaling (speedstep)
  • Graphics
  • Ethernet
  • Wifi
  • Everything



  • Download Sierra from App store
  • Create a USB (theres plenty of guides around the web that work easily)
  • IMPORTANT:  Don't forget to copy FakeSMC.kext to /EFI/Clover/Kexts/10.12 before installing (if '10.12' folder not there, make a new one)
  • Before Installing: Enable the following BIOS features and SAVE the profile in case ever lost..
    • Disable VT-d
    • Set XHCI to Auto mode
    • Disable IGFX
    • Enable XHCI and EHCI handoff
    • Set SATA Configuration to AHCI


Post Install:

  1.  Install Ethernet kext
    • Download:  AppleIntelE1000e.kext.zip
    • Place in ~System/Library/Extension
    • Run Kextutility.app to repair permissions/cache . (not completely required but recommended)
    • Reboot <----
  2. Install Wifi Kext and Preference Pane for USB Dongle
  3. Install Clover Bootloader to Installation Drive
    • Download Clover Bootloader at sourcefourge.net 
    • Run through installer with these settings:  (see attached images)
    • Download my config file:  config.plist
    • Install config.plist at EFI/Clover
    • Install FAKESMC.kext at EFI/Clover/Kexts/10.12 (again, make a 10.12 folder if it's missing)
    • Reboot
    • Check to see if TRIM support is enabled in System Information (it should be, if not, see below)Check 'About This Mac' to make sure everything is recognized
    • Download DPCI Manager application (google) and run it.
      • Under Status>model interface, you should see two items (one for ethernet, one for RT2870 ASUS USB)
      • If the ethernet device is listed as 'en 0' then App store will work
      • If the wifi is 'en 0' then app store will not work
    • Verify App Store is working
      • if not, navigate to MAC SSD/Library/Preferences/System Configuration 
      • Delete network interfaces.plist
      • Reboot and App Store should work, also DPCI manager would show 'En 0' for ethernet.
  5. Generate SSDT
  6. Optional:  Install Nvidia Web Drivers
    • Download nvidia web drivers from Nvidia's site (not gpu specific)
    • Make sure nvda_drv=1 kernel flag is selected in config.plist (use clover configurator app) - this allows the web drivers to load - if you used my config, it is already enabled



*my config file attached has two strings under Kernel and Kext Patches > KextsToPatch.... one is trim enabler and the other im not totally sure what it is but keep it


*If wanting to enable onboard alc1150 audio see my guide here for El Cap:  http://www.osx86.net/forums/topic/23733-success-ga-z97-d3h-gtx650-el-capitan-1011-clover/




Really no issues are present with this build which is astonishing and the result of many OS X generations of fiddling around. That is not to say that the occasional KP won't happen. But overall, this is as close to stable as a hackintosh can get. I'm amazed. 




  • Answer is no, but they can fix long boot times (experienced this before and it fixed it) and if "About This Mac" is reading 'GTX 650 1023 MB' it will also fix that (sometimes)


  • YES. It allows the CPU to be efficient


  • Overclocking must be done via the UEFI bios menu. CPU Test and Prime 95 and Intel Power Gadget are good apps to use


  • Monitor temps with the app HWMonitor. Download the app and install the sensors at System/Library/Extensions


  • I'm an android guy so i dont use iMessage, but if for some reason it isn't working after using this guide to enable App Store, then do some research. Its quite a complex subject but can be done!


  • Bios should be latest revision - but i have used 3 versions with this board and all work well.



Geekbench 64bit:  19589 score





Thanks to all who has helped in the past. OSX86.net , forums members DMOS and Kyndder, as well as many others in the community. Thank you.

I will update this thread. Hit me up for questions. I get push notifications to my phone.


Screen Shot 2016-09-25 at 10.48.54 PM.png

Screen Shot 2016-09-25 at 10.48.40 PM.png

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Downloaded and installed 10.12.1  update. 


All went well... as expected. One issue I had was system would hibernate in the middle of the night. I would awake to find the clover sceen saying 'Mac SSD (hibernated)' and I couldnt wake it from hibernate without rebooting the machine. So the solution here is to  disable hibernation. Hibernation is a deep sleep mode that saves even more power than standard sleep mode. Hackintoshes can take on hibernation if you work at it and try an bunch of different solutions. Its not worth the effort. Regular sleep is fine.



Not sure which one of these fixed this... But im gonna guess 3 and 4 fixed it. But i would do all of the following.


1) System Pref>Energy>Disable Power Nap


2)System Pref>Energy>Uncheck Wake for Ethernet


3) Enter terminal, type pmset -g and make sure hibernate mode is on 0. If not, change it with terminal


4) Next, go to config.plist and make sure Darkwake=no   is checked



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1 hour ago, HackinDoge said:

What's the default hibernatemode on iMacs these days?  I thought hibernatemode 0 was the gold standard for desktop machines, Macs and Hackintoshes alike?


Perhaps it is. I don't know much about hibernation. It could just be a feature of notebooks due to the fact that their power efficiency is more critical. I do believe that hibernation can be made possible on any SMBIOS/hackintosh configuration with the right tools. But its just not worth the trouble when my machine is a desktop.

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5 hours ago, Rmantech said:

Hi, thank you so much for a wonderful guide, will this work with any monitor or does it have to be HDMI? Thanks

No problem!


So your question is in regard to the GPU? Not onboard video, correct? Any hackintosh nVidia cards will work DVI and HDMI.


You are better off with DVI. But HDMI also works with this card.

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