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I Can't Run Photoshop and Cs:GO



First my English is not very well, sorry about that.

Secondly, i didn't want to make garbage article so i did open it for two problems that im trying to solve.

My System;

* Board: ASUS H81M-K
* Graphics: AMD R7 240 - primary graphics that im using also have one onboard with intel i7 but i dont use it.
* Sound: ALC887
* Ram: 8GB
* Ethernet: RTL8168G/8111G
* Processor: Intel® Core™ i7 4790


1. I Can't Run Adobe Photoshop!

I did try 2-3 versions of Photoshop with trial, like cs6, cs5 etc. It jumps few times in dock and PC freezes, i can't use my mac until i restart. It's not like that with Adobe Illustration, its only happens when i try to use photoshop. I don't know maybe happens with AE or Premier.

I did try it on Sierra and also in High Sierra, it jumps more in Sierra:) 


2. I Can't Get More FPS on Cs:GO

I'm not using my MAC for gaming but sometimes, when im bored i just want to play cs.Go but it gives me 40- FPS with fullLow settings. When i was on Windows i get more then 170FPS with low settings but on Hackintosh its getting lower and lower.


notes: Yes i did make a Success install, i can see 4GB Graphics card in system information. But i don't know what else i should do. If there is something more i should give about my computers information i can give. Help me please.


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On 7/8/2018 at 4:38 PM, merto said:

Yes i did make a Success install, i can see 4GB Graphics card in system information.


But it does not mean your graphics card works properly (QE/CI enabled). Do you have your menu bar/dock translucent? The hackintosh is not an exact science, which is meaning that nothing works the way you want the first time.

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I have no idea about CS-GO, I´m no gamer, sorry.


As for Photoshop CS5, all apps do run fine in Sierra but not so in HS.

The most important thing about CS is to block any outbound connections because the apps do phone home otherwise and your serial will be blacklisted in an instant.

There are different ways to do so: A firewall like Little Snitch, or  custom "hosts" list are possibilities.

If you don´t know how prevent phoning home, disconnect your Hackintosh from the internet as long as you run CS5/CS6.

For Apple, apps like CS5 count as "legacy" software. As the suite relys on JAVA, you need to install the Java package from Apple first:


With Java, Photoshop 12.1 X64 is running fine on my side with Sierra. With High Sierra, the same Photoshop still starts, but crashes upon closing. :(


I never ventured to try CS6, our admin Rene did run CS6 on one of his Hacks about five years ago, so it looks doable.

As I´m fine with CS5 I did never feel the need for a newer version.

In fact CS2 would be enough for me, but you would need Snow Leopard/Rosetta to run CS2 on Mac or Hackintosh.

(Or any Windows XP, 7, 10 PC where CS2 is still working hassle free - the Waback Machine capured the CS2 installers in various languages, as you may know.)


Best wishes!

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