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How to create a High Sierra USB Installer in windows (Easiest Way)

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Hello OSX86 family, I hope you are all doing well. Today, we want to bring you an Easy Tutorial on how to create a USB installer for High Sierra the easiest way possible.


For this process you don’t need a Mac, or a Virtual Machine, as we have modified this installer so it has Clover Bootloader already installed in it.


What we need: 

1. An 8gb USB or bigger in size

2. Transmac App

3. Install macOS High Sierra.dmg 


  • First I want you to know that if you find it easier to follow a video, then go to this link  https://youtu.be/MD0A9PfMWRQ and follow our video tutorial guide on how to create this USB Installer step by step.


Let’s Start


This will download a free evaluation copy of the app that we can use for 15 days, but for us it’s enough as we will use it only once, now remember, if you find the software useful then don’t forget to support the developers.
  •   Now that we have downloaded the "Install macOS High Sierra.dmg" file and the "Transmac app", we have to install Transmac. So go to the folder where you saved the Transmac app, usually it’s Downloads, once there, double click on the Transmac app, it will ask for administrative permissions, just click Yes.
  •   Now in the first screen click Next. In the License Agreement screen check I accept the agreement and click Next.






  •   Now select where you want to install Transmac, if you want to use the default location, then just click Next.  Now it will tell you that it will create a shortcut in the start menu, just click Next.









  •   Now, we want to have a shortcut in the desktop for easy access, and we also want Transmac to associate with our dmg files, so leave both options checked and click Next.
  •   Now just click Install and when it finishes uncheck both options and click Finish.
  •   Now you will see the Transmac shortcut created on your Desktop, so right click on it, and click Run as administrator, it will ask for administrative permissions, click Yes.
  •   Now we have to wait 10 seconds then it will tell us to press Run to continue with our 15 days Trial, so click Run.        





  •   Now we have to select our USB device from the devices list in the left, so right click on your USB and click the third option: Restore with Disk Image 







  •   If you see  this Warning , just click Yes, it’s basically telling you that it will format your USB and all volumes on that same device, so make sure you don’t have any important data in it or you will lose it








  •   Now click on this trasssss.JPG.866456867a4694ddcb801f8be0c7047d.JPG  button in Transmac and it will open a window for you to select the file from where you saved it. Now unless you have an already established location from where to save files or you manually saved it in a different location then it should be in Downloads once you selected the Install macOS High Sierra.dmg file click open and it should look like this:






  •   Now, click OK and you will get this message that’s basically telling you again that it will format your USB and all data in it will be lost, so make sure you don’t have any important data in it otherwise back it up, or you will lose it, so, click Yes






  •    Now it will Start the formatting process, so be patient and wait until it finishes.





When everything finishes you might get some messages saying that your USB needs to be formatted, but don’t worry that’s because windows doesn’t recognize the USB format, so just close all messages and windows.


We have finished now, wasn’t that easy? 


Well now you can use this USB installer to install High Sierra in any computer that’s supported and has an Intel processor and in the next Guide and video tutorial we will actually use it, to install High Sierra in a laptop.


!See you in the next one!


 Especial Thanks to @HackinDoge for providing the installer with Clover Bootloader.









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