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Hello to all!


Today, I would like to present you our new tool called OSX86dotNET-Linux4macOS.


It is a script to be used in Linux with the following capabilities;

  • Create a macOS installer.
  • Install Clover Bootloader to disk for UEFI and Legacy boot.
  • Download and install Basic set of kexts.
  • Install hfsprogs to access HFS and HFS+ formatted partitions.
  • Compile and Install APFS-Fuse to access APFS formatted partitions.
  • Mount APFS formatted partitions.
  • Extract and decompile ACPI Tables.
  • Make complete system dump including Full Audio Codec dump and EDID.


The script was made to be simple, meaning that the user doesn't need to have any advanced knowledge of Linux in order to use it...


It also was made to be compatible with the most used Linux Distros so, in others words, the script will automate all needed tasks for you...

Tests were made only with Manjaro and Ubuntu Linux and the script is fully working in both of them and, theoretically, with Arch, Debian and Mint...


If you are planning to use it from a LiveOS, a full system upgrade will be performed. Being a Live Manjaro OS, the script will make the job for you as the Live Media will have all needed presets repositories, for Ubuntu, you'll need to manually activate the repositories at "Software & Updates", by choosing the same options shown in the pictures below ("Download from:" must be left at the default value)...





"The first run may be slow, depending on your Internet Connection and Hardware, due to the mandatory System Update and, on Ubuntu, also due to the fact that some

mandatory dependencies doesn't has pre compiled binaries ( xar and cmake ) and the script will compile them and install them on the fly... The same happens to Manjaro

but, it has a built-in tool called "yay" that can be used to install those dependencies, and also, the OS itself will update them as a regular application when needed."


IMPORTANT: If you are running the script on a LiveOS and after the System Update you receive a warning telling that you must restart the system, please, don't reboot. As you

will be under a LiveOS, after the restart, all process will be made again as there's no persistent filesystem to store the changes. This may be bypassed if using Ubuntu + Persistent



After this, you just need to follow the link below, and click "Clone or download > Download ZIP";




After the download finishes, open the Downloads folder, right click on the compressed file and select "Extract Here", open the just extracted folder, right click anywhere in the folder (not at any file) and click "Open in Terminal"...


After the Terminal window pop-up, you just need to run the following command;


./OSX86dotNET.sh -l


After this, you just need to answer every question according to your needs...


IMPORTANT: Do not run the script as "sudo", just provide the password when asked. This is needed due to the fact that some tasks needs to be run as sudo and others will fail running as an sudoer...


This is the main usage and will make the script perform all tasks in the following sequence ;



Check and Install needed dependencies

Build and Install "xar" (Only for Debian)

Build and Install "cmake" (Only for Debian)

Perform a full Hardware and System Information dump

Build and Install APFS-Fuse driver


Mount an APFS Volume

Create a USB Stick using GPT table + 2 partitions, 1 for Clover and 1 for macOS installer

Install Clover to a disk for UEFI and MBR boot

Create a macOS Mojave installer



Different options than "-l" may be used to jump directly to a specific function;



-a = Compile and install APFS-Fuse drivers

-c = Install Clover Bootloader to a disk

-d = Used as direct jump, needs extra argument.

-h = This help

-i = Create a macOS installer

-l = Run all tasks

-v = Verbose output



Advanced usage may be achieved by using the "-d" option followed by an argument, this is used as direct jump and may be used for debugging;

./OSX86dotNET.sh -d ARGUMENT


Some examples below but almost every group of the script may be used with this option;



system_dump        =Dump system information

acpidump           =Dump ACPI Table

applefs            =Compile and install APFS-Fuse drivers "same as -a"

clover_ask         =Install Clover to disk "same as -c"

mount_apfs_volume  =Mount an APFS Volume



Read carefully every question made by the script, as you'll have the option to choose where to install Clover or place the Installer's files, this will help you to not cause any damage to your data...


You can check all that is made at the script by looking at it's logfile, that is located at the home folder along with all files generated by it...






Any sensitive data is collected from your system, it uses Internet Connection only to install needed dependencies, to redirect you to CCE (Cloud Clover Editor) and to  Download needed files to create the macOS installer...


You can change the script according to your needs, if you want, also, suggestions are welcome and you can report any bugs here or at github...


Special thanks to;


pacapt team For inspiration on multi OS run...

m13253's For inspiration on Clover's Legacy Install...

sgan81 For APFS-Fuse free driver...

Clover Team For give us Clover...

Acidanthera Team For give us Lilu+Plugins

kylon For give us Cloud Clover Editor...

fusion71au For the excellent guide with detailed instructions...

PikeRAlpha For show us the best way to do things...


And also, I would like to thank smx who is the guy that first came with this idea, in the past...




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