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I never heard about Angelbird SSD , or maybe not available here at my location, but I wish i could be one of the luckiest to own so i can benchmark  its performance. 

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Nice looking drive

I would love one

Yes SSD drives make all the difference.

I have over 2.5 Million active files on my macs in my one man office. (GCC for cross toolchain on 9 core platforms.)

My Main workstation is a ten year old I7 with 4 x 4Tb drives arrayed as 2x 4TBMirror Raid and one 120GB MLC boot drive.I could really use  the extra space for working files.

Currently I mount 24TB of active storage to this desktop over network.

Each of the San servers uses SSD boot drives and separate SSD /var mounted partitions.

When opening folders older than 1 week the AFP protocol caches the DB to the /var partitions, using generation one SSD the delay can be as long as 15 seconds for the folder contents to appear using 10K drives took as much as 90 seconds. I am sure that a fast drive would make my life easier.

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