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Developers now have access to Catalina

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The beta should be available sometime in the summer.

From what I've heard there is some focus on cross platform development, with some existing iOS apps being ported over already, and iPad apps can be ported with a little work.

Also it seems it will now be possible to use your iPad as an external display.


Credit to @fantomas for being first off the mark here with the news.



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E as gráficas que não suportam metal, praticamente estão sem chances de subir o Catalina, estou na luta aqui com a intelHD3000 e 5770, mas está bem complicado, já troquei várias kexts e frameworks e até agora nada, mas vamos tentando, quem sabe, abraços, André.

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When you install macOS Catalina, it will create two (2) separated "read-only" partitions in the same APFS container, one for system files and second for data files. The first one (system files) is named Macintosh HD and the second one (your data files) is named Macitosh HD - Data, which is hidden by default. Finder will only show Macintosh HD partition with the traditional folders (such like System). If you want to be able to write on these partitions, SIP should be disabled (nothing new when you use hackintosh, right?  :P ).


The Data partition will be mounted in /System/Volumes/Data but its original place is here, in /System/Library/Templates/Data. Like I said, we'll have to wait to see if our developers will be able to provide an alternative way, such like third kexts loading with Clover.


Now, HD 5770 does not works since 10.14 (while Intel HD 3000 does) - No reasons found why especially this one (this GPU works OOB in all previous versions), nor any workaround. And I do not think this will change with 10.15.


Now about other non-Metal GPUs, which work on 10.14, I guess they should (in theory) work on 10.15 as well. The only issue could come from what was said above.


And yes, that's what it is a hackintosh - A long (hi)story.  ;)


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