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Intel dx58so 10.6.4

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1. Get the img (cd-boot) and needed files from the links

2. Burn the img (cd-boot) to a dvd or cd, burn the needed files to another dvd or cd (or write them on a storage device, if you prefer so), burn the dvd5 snow to another dvd (ask for it) or use the retail copy (if you have one, on your own here)

3. Now, if you want to dual boot with windows, you need to make or have already one spare partition (partitioned ntfs). I'll not start teaching you how to do that (google it! and learn)

4. If you don't, and have a whole disk to spare and want to use it to install snow leopard on, skip the step with dual boot (3). When all set, insert the cd-boot and restart the pc or start the pc and insert your cd-boot

5.Wait a few seconds!

6. When chameleon 2 rc3 prompts, eject the cd-boot and now:

6a. --if dual booting, insert the dvd5 snow

6b. --if not, insert the retail copy

7. Wait a few seconds! Press F5 and then boot the dvd (if you want you can boot it with flag "-v", verbose mode)

8. Wait and be patient!

9. When installer screen appears, go to utilities, disk utility and format the partition or whole disk (depends on the 6a 6b case). Install. Be patient!

10. When done, restart! (at the end you'll receive an exclamation mark and a message, ignore and restart, it's all good)

11. Enter boot option menu F10 (right after it restarts)! Press shut down button (so the optical drive lets you eject the snow dvd). Power up! Enter boot option menu again F10. Eject snow dvd and insert cd-boot dvd. Boot optical drive.

12. Boot the partition with mac os x on it. (use "-v" flag again, if you want)

13. You'll not have video, audio, ethernet support; don't worry!

-Don't update yet!-

14. Eject the cd-boot. Insert the dvd or cd with needed files.

15. In this order:

-Install AsereBLN booter

-Copy the content of the Extra folder, from needed files folder to the Extra folder on root (root -(where mac os x is installed)- partition), just copy it there.

-Install binary patched AppleHDA.kext -remove the vanilla/original one first- and IntelE1000e.kext (ethernet), using "Kext Utility" (just put the kext over the KU icon) (the extensions don't work from "Extra" folder)

-Run Kext Utility -double clik on it-

17. Eject the "needed files" dvd and restart.

18. Boot mac os x. Update to 10.6.4 and after.

19. Restart and boot again. That's it!

!!Suggestion: you can print the tutorial before start using it.!!


1. cd-boot img

MEGAUPLOAD - The leading online storage and file delivery service

2. needed files

MEGAUPLOAD - The leading online storage and file delivery service

P.S.: If you want to delete a kext, go to root partition-system-library-extensions-move to trash the kext, restart (do a repair permissions from disk utility) (from "Extra" folder the same way). To install to Extra, just put the kext in Extensions folder; to install to s-l-e use KU.


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