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MSI versus Gigabte

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Glad to hear it Tony. I was starting to think that it had to be a BIOS issue, since you had tried everything else. I hope they push another BIOS update for my board soon as well, one hat lets me use XMP.

Hi Aargh

We will get there. I was kind of lucky as they only upgraded the MSI GD80 bios to 1.6 a couple of weeks ago, I did not think to look again so soon. However me being me and not happy with the reboot on wake up after trying everything. I was firstly going to change my Geil memory until that tested fine on Scotts X58 Asus board (which incidentally works fine apart from sound), but he is not too interested in OSX so its not a problem.

Everybody with the GD65 appears to have the best results and I was considering changing my MB and was comparing the two GD65/GD80 on the MSI website. although in reality the only main difference is the Graphics card slots and the number of avail usb slots. I noticed that bios 1.7 was available and loaded that and it all works great now. So just in time really as I would have been really sore to have got another board.

Interesting things going on at Apple..., you will likely be watching MacRumors! Me waiting for 10.6.3.

I hope that yours is going well.

Take care/Tony.

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