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Reading HFS+ drives from Windows 7 (32 & 64 Bit)

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I've taken the "BAT" script from DigitalDJ and the latest HFS drivers for Windows from the BootCamp 3.1 Update and made this liitle package.

Download it, uncompress it. The open a command prompt as Administrator (Start -> Accessories/Zubehör -> cmd and then right mouse click the cmd).

Change into the extracted directory "AppleBootCamp3.1_HFS" using "cd" and then run the installer script "install_or_remove_hfs.bat" and follow the instructions. Reboot and you will have read-only access to your HFS+ drives.

I have Win7 64Bit with all updates and for me it does work. I can read all my HFS drives.

Just to be sure, here are the SHA hashes of the drivers:

228e91cf5fd1995e821a9e41b2d132d710257bde AppleBootCamp3.1_HFS.zip
afdbfa47a7663d10862c3475565b21242c8badb8 AMD64/AppleHFS.sys
91fada2e45c0435168c74010decb224d43773539 AMD64/AppleMNT.sys
8a41a0cd88e007a61a2fddeae4b198884e6541de x86/AppleHFS.sys
d92cd54150a63e097f118b86a7a27a7cf2a26b54 x86/AppleMNT.sys

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I was waiting for this, thank you :)


it isn´t working for me :(

think there is a bug in the script that install the x64AMD version on my intel system.

after resart my win 7 boots in repair mode and is unable to fix itself :(

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