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Cheaper option for Native Airport 802.11n


I posted this in another thread as a recommendation, but I thought it might be helpful as a new thread. If the mods feel this is redundant, feel free to delete it.


I have had a Broadcom chip I bought from Ebay a long time back to use in my netbook for experimenting in hackintoshing it. I ended up going back to Linux on it for various reasons.

However, I also have a desktop Hackintosh that is my daily work horse. I've always had it hooked up through CAT6, but since I'm moving, the new house can't be set up that way without extensive wiring. I searched InsanelyMac and various other sites and all seemed to recommend an option that was too expensive for my blood. I believe it was around 100 dollars + shipping for the adapter without a card or antennae. Then I found a lonely neglected thread mentioning the MP2W in passing with no results listed.

I decided to try it and after hooking it up today it was instantly recognized as an Airport Extreme card in OS X.

Important Information

I ordered mine from here and plugged in my Broadcom card to find astonishingly it worked straight out of the box. I don't use any PCI kexts* (didn't know if PCIe needed them as well) so I was expecting to do a bit of troubleshooting but thankfully that wasn't the case.

I already had some antennae so I ordered the basic package. It came in the mail in about 5 days (they didn't mention the time it would take to ship internationally) and included a normal and low profile slot back and an internal USB hookup if you don't want to use PCIe. I can't speak for the USB port because I use PCIe, but if someone wants me to test the USB I would be happy to.

On a final note, I'm using an 802.11n Broadcom card on a 5ghz N network running on a NetGear WNR3500L. I don't think that would matter, but I should throw it out there.

My only complaint is that it doesn't come with screws for securing the Mini PCIe card to the adapter. I found it sat in there fine without it and since it's a desktop I'm not worried about it eventually shaking loose. If it is a concern then you'll want to pick up some screws ahead of time.

It did come with screws. I missed them in the package.

I hope this information helps.

*The kexts I do use are FakeSMC and LegacyHDA.

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