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This is really hilarious!

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This guy "von" Wnukow AKA LogicLight AKA whatnot is a brilliant addition to a mankind. He not only censors the posts on ASEM forum but he clearly defines how posts should be written and what content is allowed. But the best thing is: he defines what your user name can and cannot be!! See here:

Forum Rules - false claims, defamation etc.

by LogicLight on Sat Jul 03, 2010 5:53 pm


Since July 2010 any posts with direct or indirect defamation, slander or just false claims will be deleted. The ban will be the standard action in this case for this kind of people.

This step was requested by forum users (names will be kept anonymously) who got tired to read inflaming posts made by people who do not follow simple standards of human-etiquette.

The difference between humans and animals is etiquette.

Posts constructed like (example):

Guys i love you,

but the truth is blablablablabla

will be deleted and for indirect inflammation user will be banned.

So all those who think they can "play smart" will be banned.


Any users with direct or indirect, symbolic mean of evil in their User-names will be banned without warnings. You can rejoin without problems, but you have to use something neutral or positive.

Example for not allowed words:

666, DarkAngel, S@tan, etc.

Note II

If you think that forum management or moderators are not educated enough, so you are very wrong: Foreign words of darkness are not allowed either, by finding of such a permanent BAN will be issued.

This forum is officially for ASEM product users only, however we are happy to have users who do not own any of ASEM products among us, but don't forget, that misusing of forums hospitality will result in to ban for product owners and for users who don't own any products of ASEM with same strictness.

ASEM community.

Our community is not only about support or friendly relations,

but also many of us are "living" here and talk to each-other for decades, or even since the beginning of this forum creation.

We all want to have intelligent community of people who will discuss anything we like,

without lies, defamation, slander, regardless our skin color and our believes.

We all want freedom in mind, and we want to come here like to our home,

where we can relax and talk to each-other after an heavy working day, after daily life.

Yes we talk mainly about computers, but we have Off-topic and can discuss everything we like.

If someone take this forum like SUPPORT, then you are wrong.

Support you can reach via E-Mail: support@art-studios.net


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Thanks, Skipper, this really made me laugh on a Monday morning. We've discussed Vnukov's possible narcissistic personality disorder before in this wonderful forum, but it's fun to see fresh evidence. You have to laugh at authoritarians like this guy who attempt to project a good guy image of positiveness to the world while treating people terribly. The key is his censoring content he doesn't like because it might reveal his ill treatment of others. Which he hilariously refers to as "indirect inflammation"! :rolleyes:

Just reading the current incarnation of the Art Studios website is funny, there are so many holes in it. Looks like there hasn't been any more development on the fabulous EFI-X module in awhile. I thought he'd be on "Version 9" by now so the most recent unfortunate customers of a version 8 could look like this: :eek:

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I still login there once in a (long) while. I found this post by mr logiclight:

Hi, EFiX 2.0 will be not released, since it was already EFiX V3.0 in the air floating, but ASEM decided to keep V1.1 for longer.

Regarding GFX...

2 x GFX will not work, you can use only 1 GFX with 2 x DVi, which will be 2 monitors..

But not 2 x GFX which would result to 4 monitors.

This is limitation of Mac OS X drivers + some issues related with BIOS, but more details i do not know regarding this issue.

Suggested to use for Snow Leopard something like 9800 GT..

Or any else card in HCL...

"Mac OS X drivers"...ahhhhhh no EFI-strings? Too complicated? Even I got two gfx-cards to work...even two different ones!

I can't believe people still fall for this scam-product...

Oh EFi-X V3, that's very very funny...

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