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Club3D Radeon 4650 screen resolution in 10.6.4


I installed Iatkos S3 V2 (10.6.3) and updated it with the combo update to 10.6.4.

I use Chameleon 2 RC4. By setup custimize i let it all standard.

My system specs are:

Asus P5QLD Pro

Club 3D 4650 1 GB, with DVI, S-video and HDMI output

Dominator 4GB 1066.

The vga card is connected by DVI2VGA adapter on my television. And with the HDMI also on my television.

Now the big qustion is: I cant change my resolution higher than 1024 x 768.

I already tried differences hext files. From differend versions. Also tried to install EFO 10.x

My system profiler says: ATI Radeon 4600 series, So thats good. but i cant change the resolution. Also i want it to work on HDMI.

Does anyone have answers for this? beacause it realy make me creazy i used to many kext files and forums.

Sorry for my bad english because in Dutch

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Hi Thomasvdalen

I have a new method for you

i found it from Chinese forum

You need

1. Chameleon-2.0-RC5-r568 from Chameleon 2 RC5 Unofficial Package Installer - InsanelyMac Forum

2. Netkas PC-EFI 10.6 from netkas.org » PC EFI V 10.6

3. HD4650 kext files from 4650_10.6.2.zip


1. Install Bootloader Chameleon-2.0-RC5-r568.pkg

2. Install Netkas PC-EFI 10.6 from Terminal.app

- sudo cp /Users/User/Downloads/boot /

- sudo chown root:wheel /boot

- sudo chmod 755 /boot

3. Edit Device-id to match your card

ATIRadeonX2000.kext from /S/L/E

and ATI4600Controller.kext from Mediafire



4. Add GraphicsEnabler=Yes to com.apple.Boot.plist



5. Install all kext by use kext helper b7

6. Repair Disk Permissions

7. Reboot

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ALRIGHT:D not ready but further than i was before,

connect my tv from dvi2vga, and hdmi to the same tv.

basicly on 10 Steps!

Step 1.

- I reinstalled my mac with s3 v2, choosed cameleon v2 RC5 as bootloader and shutout the albe...bootloader, all video drivers are deselected

Step 2.

- Updated with the combo update to 10.6.4 Here's is the update

Step 3.

- Installed the Snow Leopard 1.0 graphics update Here's is the graphics update

Step 4.

Download Showallfiles Here's the ShowAllFiles.zip Opend it and click show

Step 5.

- I copied ati4600controlller.kext in System/Library/Extenstions folder (S/L/E) to the desktop (version 1.6.18, which i was able to get to install the graphics update)

* Rightmouse click -> Show package content -> Contents -> opend info.plist

* Browse for <key>IOPCIMatch</key>, and added my own device id so it looks like



* saved the file

* if deleted the ati4600controller.kext, copied my new ati4600controller.kext that if just edited with own device id, from desktop to S/L/E folder, and authenticated it

Getting error! thats normal! its disapear if you do Step 8.

Step 6.

Browsed to Library/Preferences/Systemconfiguration folder.

copied the com.apple.boot.plist to desktop and remove original from the folder

- Edit the com.apple.boot.plist on the dekstop and added



<key>Graphics Mode</key>


Then copied it back to the Library/Preferences/Systenconfiguration folder, and audenticate it

Step 7.

If downloaded a new test boot file Here's the LINK

Deleted the old one FIRST!, than copied the new one to the root of my mac osx partition

Step 8.

Went to Applications -> Utilities -> Disk Utility, selected my osx partition and verify disk permissions.

Step 9.

Repen Sowallfiles and click HIDE

Step 10.

Rebooted and....

ALSO WORK IN 10.6.5! (i reinstalled because the .10.6.5 Safari Browser continiously hangs!)

It boots normally on 1280x1024x32 :D

but now, :( still cant get hdmi to work and can only change resolution in com.apple.boot.playlist

and system profiler says: Ati Radeon HD4650on 256MB, which but must be on 1024MB

the chinese is lieing :P because it wasnt working for me

Edited by thomasvdalen
link update

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