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dual Xeon workstation succes story


Its bin a wile sinds my last project.

So i whent out to look for a 8 core workstation. My first stop was the apple store cheapest mac pro 8 cores 3300 euro... over at dell its not mutch better (5500 series ) 2800 euro .HP loveno pfff OMFG you would think they were selling gold and your not even getting loads of ram and a good videocard ...

I have a BBG highend system a Icore 920@3,6GHz Gigabyte X58A-ud7

that delivers! but i wanted more... so what do you do? homebrew

The parts, well there not that expencive .

on Tweakers.net - 167.031 bezoekers vandaag! I came across a cheap dual socket 1366 new

SUPERMICRO X8DAL-i - ATX - Intel 5500 -LGA1366 Socket

its standard ATX and you can slot Xeon cpu's from the 5500 and 5600 series

alas 6 core cpu's where to expencive but 4 core nathelem cpu's...are cheap now days

the choice Intel Xeon LGA1366

W3500 2,8GHz macpro's early 2010 TPW 130 watt

E5620 2,4 GHz macpro's summer 2010 TPW 80 watt

I whent with the slower but newer E5620 / 2.4 GHz if the project would fail i wuld end up with a super overclock CPU acoording to tomshardware.com 4,2 GHz

Memory it has to be ecc DDR3 1333 6 slots 12 GB totaal

I took no chances and oderd kingston best compatible memory vendor

HDs 2 WD RE4-GP WD2002FYPS - 2 TB - intern

there oke not that fast but in a raid they realy rock

Video 470 GTX van nvidia. because its more quiet then and cheap

200 euro's not bad at all

my total order


1000 watt PSU this board needs dubbele 12 volt CPU thats 2 x 8 pinnen moost psu' s have 2 x 4.

2 cool master cpu heatsink's intel does not deliver heatsinks with xeon cpu's.....

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its up and running im posting from it everyting is working hehe

I have the motherboard and running dual X5570 CPU. Can you share all the Mac OS installation steps?

BIOS setting?

Mac OSX version?




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1 you need to install 1 CPU or else the installer will crash

2 iB{censored} naw com ect ect get a boot cd and a retail copy

3 install the system after 1st time boot use multi beast to install easybeast

4 make a dsdt file use some thing like dsdt fixer from evo, install it in the /extra folder

5 reboot if the system is working shut it down unplug the pc ad the second cpu

6 start up the system it should be running osx there is only 1 thing to fix

7 open the intel net work kext and ad your device ID or use the one I made earlier



2x Intel? Xeon? CPU E5620 @ 2.40GHz


64bits 12172

32 bits 10914

Hackintosh compair

Gigabyte GA-X58A-UD7

920@2,66 GHz

32 bit 8221

64 bit 9163

930@2,8 Ghz

32 bit 8692

64 bit 9704

950@3,0 Ghz

32 bit 9205

64 bit 10253


32 bit 10217

64 bit 11358

920@3,6 Ghz

32 bit 10976

64 bit 12862

geek bench test only 2 things cpu and mem. trouble with the 5620 CPU's is that it has a 1000MHZ bus for the mem somthing i over looked when i was ordering the cpu's.

oke what do real macs do?

link naar echte macs:

Cinebench and Geekbench results for 2010 Mac Pros


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