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Dual-Boot MacOSX 10.6.6 - Windows 7 Ultimate x64

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at first don't install Windows on a Fat32 Partition make on NTFS.

Whren Mac osx Starts so install Chameleon not on Boot0 it must stay on Booth0.


take this installer so you can manage bootoptions

The way to install:

1. Start with the boot Cd like Easy efi 2.3

2. Using the disk utility, format the Hd with GPT

- make 2 Partitions or to

- 1. Partition Hfs+

- 2. Partition unformatted or Fat

- 3. Install mac os x

- 4. install Windows 7

- 5. run mac osx from Boot cd Empire efi or something else.

- 6. Install Chameleon with boot options booth0

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Did Exactly the same as above explained I only don't understand:

- 6. Install Chameleon with boot options booth0

Do I need to boot MacOSX with boot option booth0 or how can I give this paramater @ install

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chameleon install on mac osx so if start the install window on the left side you must have a button with options.

you can change something to install (ethernet built in, graphics enabler, etc).

and the option where you can intstall the bootloader on boot0 or booth0

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here's some pics in my netbook that dual boot Win7 Home Premium and Snow Leopard 10.6.4 ......

i use windows bootloader to manage operating systems ...



disk management


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Using the Chameleon bootloader, you can definitely boot dual-boot Windows and OSX, cause I done it before. Not that sure about 10.6.6 (Only have 10.6.4 before it broke due to some kext problem that I can't be bothered fixing).

A reasoning why people want to use chameleon as the primary bootloader instead of the Windows one because Chameleon looks so much better especially with an awesome theme.

While I was installing it, I made a kinda step by step guide for myself. Sorry for my messy handwriting, maybe I'll type up a guide someday =]

Some of my system specs:

- Gigabyte GA-EP45-DS3

- Win7, Mac OS X, Ubuntu triple boot

- GPT partition (well, the one that's not MBR)

- A 640gb hdd (well, actually 2 but I use the other one for storage)

- 5 partitions (Boot, Snow, Win7, Ubuntu, Swap for Ubuntu)

- AsereBLN Chameleon RC4 booter

- A 128mb stick with chameleon, to boot OSX if something goes wrong

- OSX Install DVD on a USB stick

- Windows 7 DVD





- Boot = Chameleon drive

- BootUSB = Chameleon drive on a USB

- OSX Install Disc USB = Mac OS X Snow Leopard Installation Disk

- F12 may differ on your computer (Well, it's the boot menu)

- size=200 = 200MB

- Step 15 says install 10.6.4 update, install the newest one ofc

- Step 16 & 17 = Install kexts and kext Utility and stuff like that

- Steps 19 & 20 = Copy Chameleon from BootUSB to BOOT

- There is no point installing Chameleon the first time p10 is mentioned. Do it after you install windows, by using the usb to boot into mac.

- (p10) refer to here: EFI-X? Opensource Alternative: 7.) [10.6] Setup the Chameleon USB-Stick and go from "Now let's install Chameleon."

- Step 9 of Win7 = Might as well install SP1

- Step 10 = Activation

- * at the end of page 3 refer to Ubuntu since I ran out of space.

Hope this helps =]

Section 3 details Ubuntu which you don't want. So you don't follow that section ofc.

Edited by ijwcomp
Added the pictures in, and notes

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Well, that's the thing I used a different method(boot CD instead of USB Stick etc etc.) but the main thing is the same, after I Installed Windows 7 I booted in MacOSX 10.6 via my 132-bootCD and installed Chameleon bootloader now my PC uses perfectly the Chameleon bootloader but doesn't list my Windows 7 partition(NTFS) but DOES list my DATA harddisk which is also formatted as NTFS but on a seperate disc.

So what did I do wrong or how can I fix this?

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