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Issue with WMWare and Snow Leopard

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I have Windows 7 64bit and run WMWare workstation V7.1.3.

I downloaded a WMWare image with preinstalled Snow Leopard, Mac OSX 10.6.6.

And bootimage EasyEFI V2.2 Ver3.

The WMWare machine would not start with this image.

WMWare said,,, A virtual CPU has entered the shutdown state....

And restarts.

Well, i tryed to find this image in a newer version, but failed.

However i found an older. EasyEFI V2.1.

Wow,, the Mac boots :)

But there is a problem.

I can not move the mousepointer.

I have an USB mouse mounted to my computer.

Does any have an idea on how to solve this issue?


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