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Darth Cockus Strikes Back!

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And he's after you!

Official EFi-X Support and User forum ? View topic - [info] Hacking attempts of this forum

Here's a quote of this wonderful human prototype, too rare to die, too dumb to keep out of the madcage.

Here's the war declaration of the little matrioska, on one of his frequent vodka drinking nights:

To those who attempt to hack:

ASEM traced and reported 2 persons already and those are punished by law to the maximum possible extend.

Whohooo! Go go cockbreath go!

If you would like to pay to ASEM for damages, so you can be sure, that you definitive will.

Skipped English lessons again uh? Only he can understand this phrase (and not just plainly laugh)

ASEM does trace not IP's only, and if you believe, that any kind of proxy will help you to hide, so you are very wrong. Like stated above, it is just question of interest to trace you down.

Not trace not, trace yes, no, not yes trace me trace, dum da dum. Right. He really ought to put a pinch of tobacco in what he smokes. :D

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