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EFI-X forum whitewackon goes on the offensive!

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This is straight from the forum, he accuses almost everybody, especially Asere BLN

And then goes on on accusation rampage.

I think this man's ultimate goal is to go on a patent lawsuit hunt (as others have said)

EFiX is world wide, with several patents awarded and several patents are pending.

Due EFiX is an complex solution and offers to the user not only one function, but entire range of unique functions, so the EFiX is awarded with entire range of very diverse patents in different technological zones.

EFiX patents cover also (not only, just some for info):

1) Idea and functionaly of the device

2) Specific methods used in EFiX

3) several patents for hardware bootmanager

4) Several patents for algorithms

5) Manufacturing technologies, including PCB manufacturing steps.

Of course some of patents comes from another ASEM products or developments.

ASEM does not work on EFiX only and to be more specifically, the EFiX is very far from being the main product of ASEM.

Hackintosh problematic:

EFiX is not an hackintosh, it is not even comming close.

This have to be said clearly.

All modern hackintosh solutions, disregard the type and community who produced it does

clearly violate rights of ASEM Co., Ltd. due using methods are all covered by patents.

Defamative article against EFiX and ASEM on Toms Hardware.

Created by cencored, former CEO, who got kicked out of company, in closer together work with Tuan Ngyen, who owns to ASEM several thousand US Dollars till today for products he took and never return.

Tuan Ngyen have IT-company and wanted to sale EFiX, - ASEM rejected, due to the attitude Tuan shows toward the company and the products.

The article is based on Fake dissection made by Asere-BLN and is being taken down by ASEM lawyers.

Tuan Nguen (Toms Hardware)

After an short research for the real background of Tuan Ngyen many dark secrets have being revealed.

We thank for all persons who submitted to us the detailed information.

ASEM is not the first company attacked by Tuan Ngyen after he got position at Toms Hardware.

He uses mainly his Toms Hardware position and connections in order to get products and information for his own IT-company.

If the company rejects him the cooperation, so the defamation article appears, additionally he will use other ways in order to show his "appreciation".

His style of releases is simple build:

He write defamative articles mainly from the 3rd person view, also in order not to be liable for the defamation he spread around.

It wasnt also difficult to discover, that he uses some female, high ranked personel at companies like Gigabyte etc., for his own business purposes. (Connections, Information and more)

We are sincerly sad for the persons have being misused by Tuan Ngyen and for persons against whom this person wrote defamative articles.

ASEM official offices accept any additional and new information regarding illegal activities of Tuan Ngyen and will offer to the informants all the necessary anonymity and protection.

You can send your emails with evidence at any time to:

Fake dissection / Dissassembling of EFiX made by Asere-BLN

His dissection is a fabricated article.

Most of information he got from ex. ASEM programmer, who got kicked out due to continuously leaked information to the hackintosh community.

Due security policies in ASEM, the programmer had access to some of very limited software modules and resources, and about hardware

had only theoretical information, given by one of higher positioned officials and exact that information have been never matched to the real product.

So exact this information got leaked. This is also one of reasons why nobody hacked EFiX solution till today.

The source of information was found very easily, due the claims being made are based on information provided to this programmer, while he were working for ASEM still.

It doesnt need to be a very qualified engineer to understand that the information released by Jurgen Selent is fake, and resulted finally to trolling.

ASEM took steps, lawyers have contacted Asere-BLN and he took his defamative article down.

The final words of Asere-BLN, also xx xx, on his website and his "underground" actions afterwards were recorded by the ASEMs Law Team are currently storred among other

interesting information in ASEMs Law Department.

efix-users.com / kext.com

Original domain, efix-users.com being registed and supported by Mike Bulmer.

Till today against him and several other involved persons ASEM have collected over 100MB of evidence.

Mainly this is a group of criminals with different level of criminal activities.

In the past ASEM had several developers who leaked sources or binaries to the hackintosh community.

Those leaked sources or binaries were rebranded and trolls, also persons who scam on ASEM afterwards claimed that

ASEM is using code of community. Till today, since 2007, there is no any evidence, nor prooves for such claims.

Several pseudo technological articles being set against EFiX solution, however it is not difficult to see, that those are nothing else than just trolling-articles.

Now it comes time to reveal all the details regarding stolen information step by step, including the information about persons involved in trolling activities and stealing of ASEMs property.

Announcements will follow portion by portion with time.

Stay tuned.

Edited by John

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I think he lives in a fantasy world where everybody that is against him is the enemy. He's (obviously) the good guy who does nothing wrong. Weird guy...

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