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Has Wilhelm von Vnukov finally lost the plot once and for all?

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I just read this on the efix forum, I'm hurting from laughing, apparently Wilhem von Vnukov is stepping down as Chairman of ASEM.

He has denied rumours of bad health or becoming a monk as the reasons for his departure, well we certainly know it's not because he's been on an English language training course.

In strikingly similar fashion to Steve Jobs' resignation letter, von Vnukov published the following bizarre statement on his efix forum, with the exception obviously being Steve Jobs was a great visionary man who didn't speak pigeon English.

Dear ASEM lovers and ASEM product users.

ASEM arrives at a new historical milestone.

The founder, head of the board that runs ASEM Co., Ltd, Wilhelm von Vnukov, who has been an independent director for about 10 years and then extra 2 (almost 3) years as a chairman, after the company had a major restructuring process, has announced he is stepping down.

The actual resign was happened about several month ago already, also in August 2011.

Wilhelm during his long tenure lasting more than 12 years as an founder, designer and independent director made significant contribution to the company, product design and the product quality and has now chosen to step down given several other commitments that he has.

From packaging design of ASEM products, till PCB design and manufacturing, he was involved into every and each production and design step of all by ASEM developed products.

EFiX, which has been sold till now over 180000 Units worldwide is being one of his most famous world-changing creations. His manufacturing and design standards, which are used by ASEM branded products are the highest in the industry today.

"We believe that such high and cutting edge quality and design standards will be not superseded by any company for at least next 10-20 years. His remarkable quality requirements will be enforced for all ASEM products in future too"

, so ASEM General Manager said.

Wilhelm left in the company a huge design and development documentation-base, ASEM Standardization and his vision, which will be used in all new coming products and future developments.

According to the ASEM internal tradition the name of the new, current Chairman will be not announced.

"ASEM products shall shine with quality, ideas and spirit, but not with name of people who are working here.

We will keep original spirit of Wilhelm von Vnukov. However i am very proud to be here."

,- so the new ASEM chairman said

According to the ASEM General Manager, -

"Wilhelm will still consult the new chairman and will help with some new coming products."

"We wish Wilhelm all the best, in whatever he approaches and hope, that he will someday return at his right position, here at ASEM. You are the legend ! Thank You for all !"

, so R&D ASEM team said


According to some unconfirmed rumors, Wilhelm decided to leave company because of two major reasons. One of those was his health condition. It wasn't a secret that his working time was about 24 hours a day, without weekends, holidays or any rest.

Company employees didn't saw him sometimes sleeping for several weeks or even months.

Most of time he was living inside his room at ASEM company offices.

The second reason, according to some rumors said, is his decision to be a monk.

"He has become a monk since middle of 2011" - so the same rumor source said.

Official EFi-X Support and User forum ? View topic - ASEM Chairman Wilhelm von Vnukov stepped his position down

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