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Is the shown hardware any good for a Leopard Hackintosh.


Hi there,

I was wondering if this hardware is any good for a leopard hackintosh or should I go higher with it?

The hardware is as follows;

ASUS P5L-VM 1394 Motherboard,

Intel Pentium 4 3.20GHz Intel Spedstep tech. Enabled,

4GB Kingston HyperX RAM (2x2GB),

Atapi iHas SATA DVD Drive,

250gb Seagate Barracuda 5400RPM,

40Gb Hitatchi,

NVIDIA GeForce 8400GS 512Mb Graphics Card,

Ralink RT6X RT2561 Wireless Networking PCI-Card,

5 USB PLusCom PCI-Card

If there is any errors onto why Leopard won't go on it or if it will please respond. I am mainly going to use it for iWork (as my school uses macs and WIndows and Linux can't read .pages files), iMovie or Final Cut Pro video editing for youtube.

Respond A.S.A.P please



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Your system is obviously quite powerful... It would handle OSX very well... the problem is "if you can get it to handle snow leopard" If you're new to hackintoshing, i reccomend doing lots of research on your hardware. If you know what "kexts" are, they basically are drivers for OSX. The problem is, its literally impossible to find kexts (drivers) that will be compatible with any hardware with OSX. Some people get lucky.

However, the only way you will find out if your machine is compatible is if you pop the install disc in and try.I don't want to sound too negative against hackintoshing, but its taken me 2 months to get my system working and all my hardware isnt even functional. Its a hard process but, hey, you just might get lucky and have drivers for your machine or OSX could automaticaly recognize your hadrware from the beginning.

The bottom line is, (as i stated above) you're not going to find out unless you try. However there are workwaround. For instance, say your wifi card (internal) is not working, you can alternate to a USB WIFI dongle to support your wifi.

Seeing how your using your machine for pretty powerful utilities that involve perfect graphics functionality, it might be better to stick with windows. Its up to you. But once you get it running, its beautiful. So much faster than windows.

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Thanks but I am only using it for video editing with iMovie an things like that, and some photo-shopping as It'll be better than using Windows as I have been using it all my life and it gets too much with the system demanding.

Thanks for your comment/reply



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Oh well in that case, as long as your not doing any high quality insane video graphics editing, you shouldn't have to worry. And OSX is by far way more efficient than windows ever will be. I've been using OSX for not even a week now and its unbelievably fast. The system never bogs up or "page not responding" like windows. Its smooth the whole way through. I'm truly in love. ahha.

But If you are currently running windows, I would download Easeus Partition Manager: Free Download Magic Partition Manager freeware: EaseUS Partition Manager, Disk & Partition Copy and Partition Recovery Software.

And partition your HDD to make a mac partition so you do not loose everything. (learn how to use the partition manager before using) and DO NOT EVER DELETE THE SYSTEM RESERVED PARTITION. It includes MBR boot files.

ANyway, after you partition (make it atleast 15 GB), download a distro from the web. I can reccomend a few. I would definitely look into iATKOS or HAZARD distros

You will need uttorent to download these torrents.

Whatever you do, make sure you download a torrent that is ATLEAST 10.6 <---- Otherwise you won't be able to update the latest software for your editing.

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Heres the link for INTEL/AMD which should work fine on your computer...

Snow Leopard 10.6.6 SSE2/SSE3 Intel Only by Hazard (download torrent) - TPB

Simply burn the ISO to a CD (Note: HAS TO BE DUAL LAYER DVD 4.7 GiG, walmart has em if you don't)

Set BIOS to boot from CD. Pretty straight forward.

Also, follow this guide (not completely though): Install Mac OS X on Most Laptops Part 1 - YouTube There is a part 1 AND 2

Not sure if you're running a laptop. But this will still work. Do not follow his steps exactly.

Format your partition and set it to: "Extended Journaled" inside Disk Util (in the installer)

Afterwords, go through the steps, select your 30gb partition and click "options" or "customize" (whichever it is)

In this video, the guy checks some kexts and what not for his laptop.

Your going to have to decide which to install for your specific hardware.

Don;t stress too much about what to click and what not to click. Its not all that big of a deal.

What you want to defintely check is the bootloaders he checks in the video and P2 Trackpad and mouse, and the voodoo kexts, also BIOS Fix

Other than that, proceed to install with the video and you should be fine.

Note: If it the ISO does not boot, let me know, google the problem and we'll try to fix it.

If the install fails at the end or halfway through, you checked boxes that you shouldn't have.

If the install freezes or after the install it freezes, re isntall using the SIMPLEST boxes only check. Only the ones you NEED.

Make sure to type the command line inside the bootloader in the beginning like he does in the video.

Incase the link does not work: Type in youtube "Install Snow Leopard on Most laptops part 1 - His name is wickedxFast or something.

Otherwise you can try to download another ISO. This particular ISO has installed one two of my PCs successfully.

If your hadware (wifi, keyboard, mouse, sound, graphics mainly) does not work, you can try installing kexts (drivers for mac) from OSX86.net

Good luck!

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