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- Procie Intel? Core i3-2330 CPU @2.20 GHz

- GPU Nvidia Gforce GT 520M 1Gb

- RAM Dual-Channel 8Gb Kingston

Package lists :

- MBR Patcher

- myHack-3.2-BETA-8.dmg

- DSDT credit to ankh

- org.chameleon.Boot.plist

- SMBios.plist identified as MBP 6,1 or you can use your own smbios.plist version if you want

- Login to Lion themes with Mountain lion icon set

- Voodoo battery

- Sound and mic by harimurtie

- wireless IO80211_1084 wifi kext

- speedstepper

- for newest version of Additional download, CamTwist webcam driver found Here

- camera control

- Chameleon Wizard

- Champlist


- Kext Utility

- ShowHide Files

How to Install :

1. Restoration from MAS to usb

2. Extract and install MBR Patcher (read the intruction inside folder)

3. Install my hack to USB with default Parameter

4. Extract and paste "SMBios.plist" to /Extra/SMBios.plist to identify Your Asus a43sj as MBP 6,1

5. Install OSX from USB

6. Paste files and folder from Extra folder to your Extra folder on your mac

7. Extract and install applications from "Utils" folder

8. Install another kexts such as WIFI, Sound, Battery one by one using kexts utilities (read the intruction)

9. Extract Speedstepper,

- Open terminal,

- Type sudo su then type your password

- drag n drop "speedstepper" to terminal (don't press enter)

- copy this line and paste to the terminal /System/Library/Extensions/AppleIntelCPUPowerManagement/Contents/MacOS/AppleIntelCPUPowerManagement then press enter

10. Repair permission using disk utilities

11. restart Cross Your finger and lets pray :P

Notes :

- install Chameleon using myhack if won't boot from hardisk then reconfigure using champlist or chameleon wizard

- good news vanilla update for asus a43sj 10.8.4 NVIDIA DRIVER theres no need patched NVDAGF100Hal.kext anymore....just use the original one

Changelogs :

1. Elan touchpad and smooth mouse

- Read the install intruction 1st

2. Additional download CamTwist webcam driver from Here

Known issues :

- bluetooth sometime detected sometime won't

- showing notification about USB port drawing too much power, just unload by entering this following command on your terminal "sudo launchctl unload -w /System/Library/LaunchDaemons/com.apple.UserNotificationCenter.plist" w/o qoutes to hide this notification

- HDMI / Ex VGA port not yet tested

Hackintosh Compabillity status for normal use : 98% avoid known issues

Thanks and sorry about my bad english

Here the screenshoot


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Nice mate.graphics native since 10.8.3 afaik.about speedstepper,does it patch appleacpiplatform or aicpupm?u still use nullcpu?and did u have pentium or core i in ur sj?

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ups my mistake about AICPUPM...thanks for your correction...

and yes i still using nulcpupm...i didn't test to delete that ketxs yet :P

about my prcessor, im using core i3 as in the screenshoot

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wow..... its been a long time since doing some hackintoshing.... its time to upgrade :P

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